Stereo Terror: Black Cat Attack – Vamparty


Release Year – 2013

Track Listing
1) A Toast…
2) Vamparty
3) Don’t Go Into The Woods Alone
4) End Of The World
5) Last One Left
6) Death Punk Prowl
7) Whitewood

Black Cat Attack are a relatively new band based out of my home province of Ontario, Canada. Despite their newness to the scene, they have been quickly making a name for themselves, thanks to much touring and a slot on Ghouls Night Out in 2013. Vamparty is their sophomore effort, and it shows in just about every way. Everything about the album screams of a band that know what they are doing, and the production is very slick, something that any horrorpunk fan can tell you is sometimes a rarity for our beloved genre.

The album begins with a spoken word sample which segues right into the title track, Vamparty. The song is everything you want an album to really blast out of the gates with. Its fast, decently heavy and catchy as all hell. Lead singer Valerie Knox‘s vocals need to be commended right off the hop as well. More often than not in the genre, female fronted bands lean more towards the psychobilly side of things (think The Creepshow, The Spookshow or Kitty In A Casket) so it is extremely refreshing to hear female vocals without that tinge. To be honest, before I listened to the band that was the main selling point for me.

Back to the album, Don’t Go Into The Woods Alone is another catchy hook based all around the name of the song. The back and forth male and female vocals really make this song. We then move onto End Of The World which again takes us back to singular vocals for the most part.

Last One Left comes next is another epic tune mixing hard rock with the melodic vocals, with some background screaming. Death Punk Prowl has an epic title indicating you are about to be blasted with an anthem, and that is exactly what you get. At this point I would be remiss to mention the amazing sound of Valerie’s melodic vocals with the backing shouts, and this song may be the best example of that on this particular album. The album then closes out with Whitewood which begins with a thunderous bass line right into some beautiful vocalizing. It’s a great way to close out the album, and wraps everything up nicely.

Stand Out Track:Vamparty – The song is just so ridiculously catchy that I doubt you have a soul if you can’t just rock along with it.

Check out more Black Cat Attack on Facebook and check out this and their first album Lonely Horror Stories on their Bandcamp page.

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