Stereo Terror: Hellgreaser – The Humans Must Die

Release Year: 2012

Track Listing

1) Frozen Heart
2) Slave Of The Night
3) Vampire Girl
4) Go Hellgreaser Go
5) The Wolfman

One thing you will never hear as a criticism of a good horrorpunk album is that they aren’t catchy. At its best, horrorpunk can be just as, if not more, catchy than some pop music. With the infectious gang vocals plus the need for catchy choruses, horrorpunk has a long history of being able to sing along to it. With their debut EP, Hellgreaser give a shining example of that.

The 5 song EP begins with Frozen Heart which comes right out the gate with its catchiness. As soon as the chorus starts you can’t help but tap your foot along and want to sing along as well. Up next is Slave Of The Night which is expectedly about being a night dwelling creature. While not quite as catchy as the first track, it still has a ton of melody to enjoy.

Vampire Girl marks the middle track of the EP, and while admittedly it is the weakest track on the album, it still has many upsides to it. The vocal melodies in the chorus certainly stand out. Go Hellgreaser Go hits next, and is without a doubt the most melodic tune put forth here. It doesn’t bother waiting for the chorus, its just one consistently sing along effort.

The album closes with The Wolfman, my personal favorite by the three piece. It is completely different from the rest of the album as it is a very slow vocal based track. This song is always on any playlists I’ve built over the past year or two as it is the perfect encapsulation of mood, complimented incredibly well by the samples of a wolf howling throughout the song. An incredible song, and the perfect way to close out this album.

To check out more of Hellgreaser, visit their Official Website or check them out on Facebook

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