Silver Screams: Carrie (2013)


Release Year: 2013

Directed By
Kimberly Peirce

Chloe Grace-Moretz
Julianne Moore
Judy Greer
Portia Doubleday
Gabriella Wilde

It is now 2014 and we have come to a point where I think any self respecting horror fan knows the story of the telekinetic Carrie White. Whether you know the tale from the fantastic novel by Stephen King, or more likely the 1976 adaptation by Brian DePalma starring Sissy Spacek in the role that made her a star. There was also the decent 2002 version starring the amazing Angela Bettis, so why was there the need for a new version? Most likely due to the current generation of kids who don’t want to bother themselves with viewing classic movies simply because they are from before their time. Well, that and movie executives always willing to cash in on a known property. But enough about the reasons why it was made, is the movie worth your time?

This 2013 redux stars the immensely talented Chloe Grace-Moretz in the titular role. Right off the hop this causes a problem. While Moretz is a fantastic actor, a feat made more impressive by her young age, she is simply too pretty to play the role. Carrie is supposed to be an outcast and a bit of a hermit. When she is just as, if not prettier, than the other girls this can cause a believability issue.

As for the rest of the cast, many are rather bland, with a few highlights. Julianne Moore is delightfully creepy and over the top as Carrie’s overbearing psychotic mother. Judy Greer is also believable as the gym teacher who sympathizes with Carrie’s plight. Gabriella Wilde is incredibly bland as Sue Snell, in stark contrast to Portia Doubleday in a perfect casting as the ultimate high school bitch Chris Hargensen.

But lets move onto the climactic prom scene, which is what any blood hungry horror fan is really watching this film for. Doss it stack up against the original, or even the massacre that topped off the abysmal 1998 sequel? Sadly, it comes nowhere close. What little massacring there is is unfortunately hampered by CGI. Carrie does so little at the prom that it is almost like they wanted to tear down one of the most iconic scenes not only in horror history, but movie history as well. I understand wanting to move the focus of the film more to Carrie’s relationship with her overly religious mother, but it should not have come at the expense of the incredible prom sequence.

The decision to change the ending as well is also questionable. It is obvious that the original had an ending that became a staple of our beloved genre, being ripped off so many times (most notably in the original Friday The 13th) and people would have been expecting it, the choice they made for the ending is simply baffling. It’s just not good at all.

It is hard to view a remake on its own merits without comparing it to the original film, but when you make the decision to redo one of the more beloved horror films of all-time, you invite these comparisons no matter what. While many had high hopes for this particular film given the pedigree behind it and with the two main stars, it is sadly a film that falls short in just about every notable aspect.

In closing, if you are to openly tell people that you prefer Carrie 2013 to the original, you may have to live with the fact that….”They’re all gonna laugh at you!”

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