Small Screen Shivers: From Dusk Till Dawn The Series: Episode Two “Blood Runs Thick”

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series

Episode Two: Blood Runs Thick

Directed By
Robert Rodriguez

D.J. Cotrona
Zane Holtz
Eiza Gonzalez
Robert Patrick
Madison Davenport
Brandon Soohoo
Wilmer Valderrama

When we last left our beloved anti-heroes the Gecko Brothers, they had left quite a mess of the liquor store where most of the first episode took place. The second episode of the series picks up right where we left off, while also introducing some new characters and expanding upon more of the back story.

Starting with Seth and Richie we see them moving on from the liquor store debacle and get flashbacks to the previously mentioned bank heist. We discover that Richie helped Seth escape from his incarceration during a prison transfer. As they are pulling off the robbery at the bank, things begin to go awry due to Richie’s visions of Santanico. While the brothers get out, Richie’s increased insanity throws a wrench in the plans when he decides it is a good idea to bring along a teller (Samantha Esteban for their adventure.

The only other plot advancement with Seth and Richie other than an awkward fight scene, is Seth’s constant back and forth with Carlos trying to get everything worked out. Immediately we discover that Carlos is more than meets the eye since he is well aware of Richie’s visions and is advising Seth not to give them much thought. But we will come back to this shortly.

Meanwhile, Deputy Gonzalez is taken off the case of the Gecko brothers due to protocol, not that will stop him. Unfortunately for fans of the deputy, he plays a very minimal role in this episode.

The big progress in this episode is meeting the Fuller family. The patriarch of the family is Jacob, a preacher who has recently lost his wife, and his faith. In the original film he was played by Harvey Keitel so this was obviously going to be an important role that couldn’t just be given to anyone. Thankfully they got the always excellent Robert Patrick to take up the mantle, and he seems to fit the role perfectly. We also have his adopted Asian son Scott, here played by Brandon Soo Hoo. Not much to comment on since his screen time is rather limited. Then we have his actual daughter Kate, originally played by Juliette Lewis and here played by Madison Davenport. While again, it is hard to say how well she will do with the role as the show progresses, she seems to fit into the role rather well.

So as mentioned, Jacob recently lost his wife in a car accident that he refuses to speak about with the kids. He has pawned off his wedding ring and bought an RV, packing up the kids and their entire life and heading to Mexico on the pretense of a vacation. Kate is severely suspicious of what is going on and spends most of the episode setting up having her love interest from church, Kyle, (Collin Fish) to come pick her up and take her away. I have to throw out there that I have never seen a teenager that quotes bible verses to impress a girl, but then again, I’ve never lived in the south either. Either way, Kyle is not long for the world as on his way there he picks up Carlos hitchhiking.

This is where things begin to deviate from the original film as we find out that Carlos is actually a vampire. After having an afternoon snack on Kyle, he takes his form and causes a scene amongst the whole Fuller clan, leading them away together. This is all seemingly part of his plan however, clearly leading to the paths crossing between the Fullers and the Geckos.

Overall, while not the strongest episode, and certainly not as enthralling as the pilot episode, it is a necessary step in ensuring that everything is in place to continue the story.

Be sure to check out the second episode available for instant streaming on Netflix, and stay tuned for the next review of the third episode.

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