Stereo Terror: Murderland – Prelude To A Kill

Stereo Terror
Murderland – Prelude To A Kill
murderland - prelude to a kill

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Partner In Crime
2) Fetus Eaters
3) I Created A Monster
4) Video Creep
5) Headcase
6) Vanna White
7) Mortuary
8) 3 Sixes
9) Scum And Villainy
10) 666 Dead End Drive
11) Hacksaw Romance
12) C.C.L.C.S.
13) Vile World

While many consider horrorpunk a genre in and of itself, there are many reasons you will find any dedicated horrorpunk using the term “Horrorpunk is not a genre, it’s a scene”. Much like hardcore horror fans in general, horrorpunks are an incredibly passionate group. The other meaning to that phrase can easily be interpreted as standing for the way that within horrorpunk you can find so many different sounds. Some bands go for the slow and eerie sound, while some take more of the psychobilly influence. It’s one of the greatest things about the music. A band like Murderland have a different sound from any other band in the scene. It’s almost a mix of pop-punk with a hint of metal or hardcore thrown in, with some incredibly awesome morbid lyrics. Really, if you were to take away the horror-centric lyrics and replace them with crap about failed relationships and you could easily hear the band on the radio or one of the main stages at Warped Tour.

Murderland have been around for quite some time now, and it’s really a crime that they haven’t had more output than they have. They released an EP called Lights Out in 2007, then were silent for a few years before unleashing their full length Prelude To A Kill in 2011. Before even diving into the review, I should note that 3 years after its release it still gets regular playback in The Deadhouse. In a weird twist, when I was double checking the release date, I realized that it came out exactly 3 years to the date that I am doing this review.

Right from the get-go following the awesome sample taken from Ghostbusters the album hits you with an incredible amount of energy and the pacing rarely slows down. When I do these full-length album reviews I generally attempt to pick a few songs to focus on, but it is incredibly hard to do with this album as there are no songs on here that ever get skipped. While I can say that Headcase is my favorite song, and has been since I first heard the album, every song on the album is strong as hell.

As I mentioned previously, every song has different lyrical meanings, ranging from Frankenstein themes (I Created A Monster) to being the perfect gentleman serial killer (Headcase). It’s incredible to think how popular this album could be if you didn’t listen to the lyrics. But thank Cthulhu for the band sticking to their guns and releasing one hell of a slice of horrorpunk. Even when the album slows down for the closest thing to a ballad you can get on the album (C.C.L.C.S.) they are still rocking lyrics about everyone’s favorite summer camp that a certain hockey-masked maniac likes to call home.

Given that the album has been available for a few years, we can only hope that the band has something new up their sleeves to unleash upon us. I know I have been keeping a close eye on the band’s social media presence and hoping that a new album will be coming soon. If it is even half as good as Prelude To A Kill then it has the potential to be one of the best horror based albums in the year it is released.

Standout Track

You can check out Murderland on Twitter, as well as on Facebook. And you can grab yourself a copy of Prelude To A Kill on CD Baby.

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