Stereo Terror: Black Cat Attack – Bright Side Of The Moon

Stereo Terror: Black Cat Attack – Bright Side Of The Moon


Release Year

Track Listing
1) The Greatest Idea Ever
2) Killing Spree At Zero Gravity
3) Conquer Destroy Exterminate
4) Phasers Set To Thrill
5) Vampires Of Planet X
6) Death From 1000 Ft.
7) Slime Breathing Maggots

Back when I first started The Deadhouse one of my first reviews was Black Cat Attack’s Vamparty. It was an awesome slice of Canadian horrorpunk without the all too usual psychobilly elements. Needless to say I have been a fan of theirs for quite some time, so naturally I was thrilled to see they weren’t taking their time before releasing a new album. Bright Side Of The Moon shows another progression for the band, much different from their debut Lonely Horror Stories and even different enough from Vamparty while still retaining the charm of their first two albums.

The album kicks off with a sketch showing the sense of humor that the band possesses. If this hadn’t come out in the same year that The Casket Creatures released She Screams with the awesomely hilarious Planet Wolfton then without a doubt The Greatest Idea Ever would be the funniest thing to come out of any horrorpunk album this year. As it is though, it’s a great intro that sets the less than serious tone the album throws out.

Right from the beginning of the first “real” song on the album, Killing Spree At Zero Gravity you realize you are in for a much fiercer and heavier Black Cat Attack. The first major difference is the more dominant presence of bassist/vocalist Bryan Dickface. It’s his more hardcore influenced vocals that kick off the song and while the main attraction is still guitarist/lead vocalist Valerie Knox the two maintain an excellent back and forth. It leads to a newer style for the band, but one that they embrace wholeheartedly. With the guitar work from Sweet Gravy Brown and excellent drumming from Ari O’Speeddragon the band sounds more cohesive than they ever have.

The band keeps the momentum going strong through Conquer Destroy Exterminate which once again allows the harsher vocals of Dickface to set the stage before Val knocks out the chorus. I should also point out at this point, that Knox’s vocals seemed to have only gotten better. If you recall my review of Vamparty I raved about her vocals and the absence of a psychobilly influence as most female vocalists in the genre have. It seems that in the interim she has become more confident with her voice, and it sounds somehow stronger. With the back and forth of her melodicism and the harshness of the male vocals, it’s almost an interesting horrorpunk alternative to good Alexisonfire before Dallas Green ruined that band by turning it into a non-acoustic City and Colour.

Moving onto the awesome Phasers Set To Thrill followed by Vampires Of Planet X you truly get the sense that the band had a clear idea of what they wanted to do with this album, and accomplished it to a tee. Every song sounds like they belong together, with nothing seeming out of place when thrown together. A common complaint I’ve heard about many newer horrorpunk albums is that there is generally some songs that seem out of place with the others, which can oftentimes be attributed to many bands insistence on trying to show a different range of abilities, or needing to include a ballad of some sort. Thankfully, none of that can be found here. Just a funny intro track followed by six blistering horrorpunk tunes.

Death From 1000 Ft. continues the strength before closing with the incredible Slime Breathing Maggots which helps close the album with the catchy hook of “We’re cancelling the end of the world tonight.” It’s a perfect closer to a strong EP.

The only downsides I can find to the album is the length of the album and the cover art. Both Lisonely Horror Stories and Vamparty had wicked drawn art, whereas this one has a riff on Pink Floyd’s seminal art for Dark Side Of The Moon, of which the album title derives its playful name as well. And as mentioned, the length is another downside. Now all three albums have been EPs, but it seems at this point it would be time to buckle down and get a solid full length album out to the masses. Especially now that the band has solidified their sound and seem much more confident with it.

Overall, for the five dollar asking price, you absolutely cannot go wrong, and if you have never checked the band out, I can safely say that Bright Side Of The Moon is a great starting point, but be sure not to neglect the bands full discography. It’s an interesting listen through all of the albums, as you can hear the bands growth and confidence strengthen.

Standout Track
Killing Spree At Zero Gravity

You can check out Black Cat Attack on Facebook and pick up a copy of Bright Side Of The Moon on the bands Bandcamp page.

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