Stereo Terror: Beneath The Cellar – Lesions

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Lesions Unleashed
2) This Tattered Heart
3) Tonight Pt. 1
4) Drag Me Down
5) Dementia 13
6) Tonight Pt. 2
7) Graveyard Breeze
8) Corpse Of A Dying World
9) Long Past Due Surrender
10) Eaten Alive
11) Evil Means
12) Friday Night Massacre
13) Broken Mirrors

I first became aware of Beneath The Cellar a few years ago when I was first becoming more enamored with the horrorpunk genre. They had appeared on my Last.FM page as a recommended artist due to some of the bands that I had been checking out at the time. I decided to give them a shot and checked out their first album Taste For The Blade and was pleasantly surprised to find a band that could very clearly fall into the horrorpunk genre, but at the same time didn’t sound like any of their contemporaries. It’s no secret that most bands in the genre ape their sound from either The Misfits or Blitzkid. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as if you are going to do something, it helps to take inspiration from the ones who do it best. But when a band goes outside that comfort zone, it helps separate them from the pack and give their listeners something different.

It has been a few years since many first discovered Beneath The Cellar but they are now back with their second full-length Lesions. Does the album expand upon what they built with Taste For The Blade?

The album begins with Lesions Unleashed a mostly instrumental track with some samples towards the end that lead into the second track, This Tattered Heart. Through the awesome guitar bass and drum work, the two songs mend well together, and once the vocals kick in you know that the band has certainly taken the years into effect and grown as a band while retaining their signature sound.

The best way I can describe the sound of Beneath The Cellar is if a band raised on horrorpunk also had a heavy prescription of listening to new wave of British heavy metal kicking around in the back of their minds. There were times where you can definitely hear the inspiration of bands like Iron Maiden and Motorhead just with a horrorpunk vibe to it. It might be just me, but that is what I get from it. And I mean that only as a huge compliment.

The vocals from front man Johnny who also handles guitar duty is another aspect that separates them from their horrorpunk brethren. While many bands do obviously ape the Danzig vocal style, or even worse go with a psychobilly tinge, Beneath The Cellar truly have their own one of a kind sound, both in vocals and the music as a whole.

I’ve been listening to the album pretty consistently for about a week now, and while at first I was still more partial to their first release, the album grows on you and you begin to respect the growth the band has made. Songs like Drag Me Down (my pick for best track on the album) and Dementia 13 are just so strong that you can’t help but throw the album on repeat.

Overall, I do highly recommend you get your hands on a copy of Lesions. Far too often are bands afraid to step outside the box when it comes to the horrorpunk genre, and having a band that goes out and makes their own sound while not stepping away from the genre is something that absolutely should not be taken for granted. More bands could take this as a lesson, but if nothing else, you can just sit back and rock out to some great music!

Stand Out Track
Drag Me Down

You can check out Beneath The Cellar on their Facebook page, and grab yourself a copy of Lesions at their Bandcamp page.

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