Stereo Terror: Argyle Goolsby – Under The Witness Stars

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Last House On The Left
2) The East Wing
3) Washer At The Ford
4) Shadows Of Night

Given the success of his first solo EP, A Dream Not Quite Remembered, it was more a question of when rather than if, that Argyle Goolsby released a follow up. In 2013, Goolsby released another EP, Under The Witness Stars. While it was quite obvious that many fans were clamoring for a full length album from the former Blitzkid bass-slinger, it became clear that he was working on his own schedule and gracing us with music as it came to him. Given that we now know that his new project Silent Horror will be debuting at this year’s Ghouls Night Out festival, with music expected around the same time, it appears that his solo work is more of a side project while he focuses on the new band. Of course, until the man himself reveals more, we are in the midst of a waiting game.

Looking at the album itself, Under The Witness Stars is, just like its predecessor, another logical extension from his prior works while showing his personal growth. Once again the pace is kept quick and relentless, rarely slowing down in its short running time to give you a chance to catch your breath.

Starting with the amazing Last House On The Left the EP wastes no time coming right for the jugular. The track is arguably the fastest and most punkish tune Goolsby‘s solo career thus far, and is also ridiculously catchy. The song really showcases Goolsby‘s vocals, with an almost relentless backing beat from the bass, guitar and drums.

Up next things slow down just a bit for The East Wing, Goolsby‘s ode to the famous 1960’s long running vampiric soap opera Dark Shadows. Once again this song showcases the different vocal stylings, and is one of the most melodic songs of the man’s long career. The song even ends with a sampling of the original show’s theme, which ties everything together rather nicely. While most people nowadays are only familiar with the 2012 Tim Burton horrible film, the original series from Dan Curtis starring Jonathan Frid as Barnabas Collins has long been held in high regard by horror fans, so having a wonderful horrorpunk song paying tribute to the show is fantastic.

Picking things back up again is Washer At The Ford based on the mythical tale. For those of you not familiar, the tale goes that a ghost of a woman who perished during childbirth is sometimes seen washing blood covered clothes in the highlands of Scotland. Whoever the clothes belong to is said to be dying soon, and the figure can even be approached. Goolsby turns the tale into another punk packed punch to the face. Just like Last House On The Left the song comes right at you from the second it begins, with a fast relentless drum beat driving the song. It’s hard to believe that the man was able to turn such a tragic tale into a great punk song, but alas, that has always been one of the trademarks of the man’s entire career and catalogue.

The EP sadly closes with Shadows Of Night. I say sadly because the time you spend listening to it flies by so quickly, which can be expected given that it is only four songs in length, but it just really leaves you wishing it was a full-length album. Following up on the speed of Washer, the song once again slows things down a bit. It once again leans towards the more melodic side, and works perfectly as a closing track for the short EP.

Once again, the only real downside to the EP is its short length. But in terms of 4 track albums, it doesn’t get any better. All the songs flow wonderfully, and the layout of fast-slow-fast-slow gives you opportunity to gather yourself before the next track gets right back in your face.

Outside of the one track (The Being) on the split with The Big Bad, this is the most recent outing from Argyle Goolsby, until this summer when he reveals his new full-band project Silent Horror, which as I have mentioned, is being unveiled at this year’s horrorpunk version of Woodstock, Ghouls Night Out. Stay tuned for coverage of the unveiling of the new band, as well as a special one-off review of The Being, plus some other surprises. As The Deadhouse continues to gain momentum and become one of the premiere places on the weird wide web for all of your horrorpunk needs, things are continuing to get crazier and more awesome.

You can grab yourself a copy of Under The Witness Stars from A Corpse With No Name’s website, the online home of everything Argyle Goolsby!

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