Stereo Terror: Silent Horror – Silent Horror

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Son Of Frankenstein
2) Drink Of Your Blood
3) The Tingler
4) Carnival Of Souls
5) Violent Side
6) Paranormal
7) Grindhouse Ride
8) Wolfsbane
9) Bride To Be
10) Evil Dead
11) Teenage Homicide
12) Equilibrium
13) Giant Monsters
14) Beware
15) Mr. Brooks
16) Wretched I Am
17) Chainsaw

Story time: Any self-respecting horrorpunk fan knows of Blitzkid. As most are aware following the band’s 2012 farewell tour, both TB Monstrosity and Argyle Goolsby went their separate ways. While TB decided to depart from the horrorpunk genre and founded A Gathering Of None (which is a throwback to mid-90s alternative rock music, and is definitely worth checking out!) Argyle stayed within the confines of the genre. After releasing two solo Eps A Dream Not Quite Remembered and Under The Witness Stars, as well as a 7″ split with fellow West Virginian horrorpunks The Big Bad. Following the announcement that Goolsby was a part of a new project that he would be debuting at the 2014 edition of Ghouls Night Out, speculation ran rampant through the horrorpunk community. It was then revealed that it would be entitled Silent Horror. Well, being a part of The Deadhouse has given me the opportunity to get the low down from Argyle Goolsby himself as well as an advanced copy of their debut!

For long time fans of the genre, some may remember that there was a band called Silent Horror that released an album a few years ago, then promptly vanished. The album was a fantastic mix of horrorpunk with a doo-wop edge, and was quite accomplished. Sadly, the band disappeared as quickly as they arrived. It appeared that guitarist Brent Hajny and drummer Brandall Rector had trouble with their singer. They became friends with Goolsby and even played their respective instruments on a Blitzkid tour, while they discussed having Goolsby taking over the vocals role of the band. Following the end of Blitzkid the discussions began once again, and became very serious. They began writing and everything seemed to click. In an effort to introduce the band to a new era of fans, they opted to rerecord their previous album, as well as an unreleased EP and throw it out to the masses. And that is what we have here. I have the intriguing aspect of knowing the previously released album as well as the new album. But trust me when I say this may be one of the hugest things to hit our genre since the formation of Blitzkid or the last time The Misfits actually mattered!

The album begins with a short instrumental track setting the stage for the rest of the album and seguing into Drink Of Your Blood, one of the album’s strongest cuts. If you have heard the older Silent Horror stuff, this was definitely one of the standout tracks, but the band seems to have a stronger energy with Goolsby‘s distinctive vocals leading the way. As I’ve mentioned having been familiar with many of the album’s songs, hearing these new versions was an interesting anomaly, as I did enjoy the songs before, but they feel like new songs somehow. I attribute this to not only the energy and passion brought forth by Goolsby, but also by a renewed vigor in both Hajny and Rector.

There is literally not a single song on the album that doesn’t contain a crazily catchy chorus designed perfectly for sing-alongs at shows. Given that the band is also making their debut at this year’s Ghoul’s Night Out, the biggest and best horrorpunk festival every year, I have no doubt in my mind that the band will likely be able to sit back and just let the crowd sing the songs. Then again, given the passion oozing through the album, it’s unlikely the band would ever rest on their laurels, and will likely steal the show this year.

Normally in my album reviews, I attempt to pick one song out and label it as the standout track on the album. With many bands, this is easier than others, but this is the first time I’ve been truly stumped as to which song to pick. If I was reviewing the original album with their previous singer, I definitely would have picked Teenage Homicide, as that was far and away my favorite song, but given the added energy the band brings as well as Goolsby‘s vocals, so many more of the songs stand out so much more. I can simply say that certain songs that I find myself banging my head to more frequently are Chainsaw, Grindhouse Ride, Evil Dead and Wolfsbane. Trying to pick one of these as the standout track is liking trying to pick which of my children is my favorite, essentially making it impossible.

One thing I also look for when listening to an album is how it flows, and the band’s self-titled debut is flawless in this retrospect, there is not a thing I would change in the order of the album or how the songs flow into one another.

Basically, what I am saying is, this is essentially not only a perfect horrorpunk album, but a perfect album regardless. 2014 has been a great year for our beloved horrorpunk genre, with stellar releases from bands like Shadow Windhawk & The Morticians, The Casket Creatures and Black Cat Attack, among others, and this album takes it to another level. Many people have stated that this release is the most important horrorpunk album to be released since Blitzkid unleashed Apparitional in 2011, and I couldn’t agree more. And thankfully, the album delivers on every level. This is the kind of album that truly could help horrorpunk infiltrate its way back into the mainstream like only The Misfits had done in the past (the good Misfits, not the joke that is more brand than band nowadays).

Essentially, what I’m saying is, you need to get your asses over to the Official Silent Horror Website and order this album as soon as humanly possible, make sure you get to The Ghoul’s Night Out Fest Facebook Page for tickets to their debut performance, and of course, check out all the places that Silent Horror is on social media, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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