Stereo Terror: Raizing Hell – Of Ghouls And Men

Release Year

Track Listing
1) We Are Raizing Hell
2) Thing For Murder
3) Terror Television
4) Love To Hate
5) One Way Road
6) Safe & Sound
7) Shining
8) Cemetery Bash
9) Invasion Of The Infrasluts
10) Rock N Roll For The Dead
11) All The Way
12) Zombie Nation

There are few genres of music that I am aware of that are as embraced in the underground as horrorpunk. That was actually one of the main reasons I decided to launch The Deadhouse. Many of these bands pour their undead hearts and souls into this music, frequently without the payoff that many of them deserve. If anything on this site helps any of these bands in the slightest, then that is a big mission accomplished for me. This is also why I jump at the opportunity whenever I am contacted by a band, or has been the way things have been recently, record labels, about possible reviews on the site.

Having recently been contacted by Undead Artists, a small label that specializes in horror-based bands, I’ve been given the opportunity to check out a catalog of some of their recent releases as well as upcoming albums! So, first up we have Of Ghouls And Men from Raizing Hell, a band based out of the Romanian capital city, Bucharest.

Coming right out the gate with both an introductory and statement anthem, We Are Raizing Hell is a perfect intro track. It gives you the band’s sound in a nutshell, decent slightly psychobilly-tinged horror rock with raspy female vocals. As I am sure long time readers of the site will recall from my reviews of two of the albums by Black Cat Attack (check out the review of 2013’s Vamparty
here and 2014’s Bright Side Of The Moon
here) I am a sucker for decent rock bands fronted by female vocals. Moving forward the band really hits its stride with my personal favorite track, Thing For Murder. If you were to be on the fence about checking out the band, this would be the song I’d say to give a listen. For me, more than any other track on the album it perfectly encapsulates the band’s sound.

Following up on the damn near perfection of Thing For Murder we get Terror Television and Love To Hate, two songs that are good but struggle to find their footing after the opening one-two punch. Love To Hate slows things down a bit before picking the pace up towards the end. One Way Road comes up next and is one of the most accessible songs on the album, and to my knowledge has been chosen as a single, which makes sense.

Proceeding the first single Safe & Sound which has a very The Creepshow-like feel to me. It reminds me like a mellower version of their song Long Way Down which is a compliment as it is one of my favorite songs by the Canadian band. Shining starts out with a wicked bass riff before the rest of the band comes in with their tribute to the Overlook Hotel. While I’ve always found The Shining to be overrated (my feelings on this extend to the Stanley Kubrick film, the late-90s mini-series and even Stephen King‘s source material) but this song has something about it that makes it stand out to me. It may be the almost laid back feel that it offers. Picking the pace back up with Cemetery Bash is another song that seems tailor made to have fun with live. The hilariously named Invasion Of The Infrasluts kicks off the final portion of the album, and it works well as a two-pack with Rock N Roll For The Dead.

Closing out the album are All The Way and Zombie Nation which do a good job of wrapping everything up.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Raizing Hell to any horrorpunk fan who has a soft spot for female vocals as I myself do.

You can check the band out on their Official Facebook Page and pick up yourself a copy of Of Ghouls And Men or other merch at their Official Website!

Standout Track
Thing For Murder

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