Stereo Terror: Conniving Cadavers – Conniving Cadavers

Release Year

Track Listing
1) The Desecration
2) The Skeleton Skullfuck
3) Spencer The Scarecrow
4) Land Of The Dead
5) The Sound Of Horror
6) Strangers
7) Axe Man Of Suburbia
8) She’s Already Dead
9) Monstrosity
10) Dead Flesh

As I’ve mentioned in the past, there are very few great Canadian horrorpunk bands. With the exception of Black Cat Attack and Nim Vind there is a general dearth of good horrorpunk that isn’t more psychobilly up here in the Great White North. 2014 has been doing its best to put Canada on the map with relation to the genre. We’ve already had Bright Side Of The Moon from Black Cat Attack, Demos From The Occult from Transylvania Clutch and the forthcoming Saturday Night Séance Songs from Nim Vind. Well, chalk up another win for us Canucks, as Conniving Cadavers from Calgary, has released one hell of a self-titled album.

From the opening track, The Desecration, you find yourself not only immediately bobbing your head, but realizing you are in for one hell of a raucous horrorpunk album. No frills, just straight-up punk music with a horrific twist. And I mean this in the best way possible. After the opener we get one of the most ridiculously catchy and awesomely titled songs I’ve ever heard, The Skeleton Skullfuck. I cannot lie and say that since I’ve had this album in my possession this song has gotten a ridiculous amount of playtime, sometimes on repeat for a good chunk of time.

One thing that the band must be commended for is having a little rougher style of vocals (no Danzig-style knock off here!) while also retaining a great sense of melody through the backing music and gang vocals. Spencer The Scarecrow and Land Of The Dead help bring the album to the midway point while exemplifying this style perfectly.

Songs like Strangers and She’s Already Dead work as good ol’ fashioned horrorpunk tunes that could be a great pit experience. The album closes with Dead Flesh and while the intro hints the band may take it down a notch to close it out, they once again buck the trend that most bands use with closing an album with a slower, almost ballad-like tune. Here, you just get more balls to the wall punk rock. And it’s a perfect close to the album.

If you get the opportunity to check out Conniving Cadavers definitely don’t miss out. You can check the band out on their Official Facebook page and grab yourself a copy of their self-titled album on their BandCamp page for the always excellent price of FREE! You have nothing to lose, go grab yourself the download and thank me later. You may have just discovered one of your new favorite horrorpunk albums!

Killer Track
The Skeleton Skullfuck

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