Stereo Terror: The Suicide Ghouls – Love Songs For The Recently Deceased

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Demon Knight
2) Love You To Death, Part 2
3) Devil In Disguise
4) Lenore
5) Creature From The Black Lagoon
6) Fuck Your Brains
7) In Loving Memory
8) Dead Alive
9) Shelly’s Song
10) My Ragdoll
11) My Breakfast Tried To Eat Me
12) Stuck In A Rut
13) Beast From Above
14) Psycho (Hidden Track Exclusive To CD Editions)

A few years ago when I was first really getting into the horrorpunk genre, The Suicide Ghouls were one of the first bands that I had discovered and became enamored with. Thanks to the unique vocal styling of frontman Tyler Toxic it’s hard to say that the band has a similar sound to any of their contemporaries. The band released their debut album We Put The Fun In Funeral back in 2011, and followed it up with the Rock’n’Roll Halloween EP later that year. Since then the band has been keeping busy with live shows, and have now unleashed their follow-up full length Love Songs For The Recently Deceased. Has the time away strengthened the band?

Starting out with the band’s tribute to the excellent Tales From The Crypt film outing starring the always awesome William Sadler and Billy Zane, Demon Knight is a great opener to the album. It leads into one of the most horror based things I can think of, a sequel. In this case it is a sequel to one of the band’s own songs, Love You To Death. Love You To Death Part 2 is a great fast paced tune that will definitely have you tapping your feet along.

The band moves along through the album, never losing focus, with standout tracks such as the awesomely titled Fuck Your Brains and the similarly wicked tune My Breakfast Tried To Eat Me. It’s such a fun song that I can’t really imagine anyone not liking it.

Another great track is one that is actually exclusive to CD versions of the album. With Psycho the band shows a different side of them, and I can’t speak highly enough of the track. I highly recommend that if you are able to that you pick up an actual physical copy of the album just to ensure that you get to listen to this phenomenal track.

The Suicide Ghouls have released arguably the best horrorpunk album that I have heard in the second half of 2014. This has been such a good year for fans of horrorpunk and Love Songs For The Recently Deceased is most certainly a contender for one of the best albums of the year in the genre.

Head over to the band’s Official Website to get your hands on either a physical or digital copy of the album. Keep in mind once again that the great track Psycho is exclusive only to physical copies!

Killer Track
Creature From The Black Lagoon or Psycho

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