Stereo Terror: Nim Vind – Saturday Night Séance Songs

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Esp
2) Where I’m From
3) Renegades Of The End Times
4) That Girl
5) Counter Shock Resuscitation
6) Master Spider
7) Astronomicon (Todd Rundgren Remix)
8) The Philistine Beat
9) War Of The Worlds
10) Fear O Fear
11) 21st Century Teenage (Live In Germany)
12) Wolfsbane Blues

Nim Vind has always been somewhat of an enigma when it comes to the horrorpunk genre. Both of his previous releases, Fashion Of Fear and The Stillness Illness are great albums that border on the line of being considered horrorpunk. You can also go further back to Nim‘s previous band Mr. Underhill it can certainly be said that the man has a sound all his own. The much anticipated new album, Saturday Night Séance Songs has finally dropped, and it is an excellent continuation of the man’s work.

The album begins with the absolutely infectious ESP which may be the catchiest song from the band’s entire catalogue. If you can’t find yourself tapping your feet or bobbing your head to the chorus, I question your humanity. Vind continues to build upon the foundation laid with the opener through Where I’m From and Renegades Of The End Times. Where I’m From in particular has gotten quite a bit of playtime for me. Whereas ESP hits you right away with its catchiness, something about Where I’m From grows on you with repeat listens.

Things slow down with That Girl while retaining the album’s sense of catchiness. This slower yet still ridiculously catchy theme continues through Counter Shock Resuscitation and Master Spider. We then get Astronomicon, the Todd Rundgren remix, and this is where I need to throw out a little story. Before I heard the album, I become ridiculously excited for the idea of Nim Vind working with Todd Rundgren, one of the most legendary producers in rock. When I was younger the very first album I ever got for myself was Bat Out Of Hell by Meat Loaf, an album that I still happily listen to nearly 25 years after I first heard it. Rundgren is the man responsible for the iconic guitar riff sounding like a motorcycle revving up in the intro to Bat Out Of Hell, so obviously the man has my eternal respect. Seeing that he will work with a smaller horrorpunk icon like Vind is awesome, as is the song. It is the song that picks the pace right back up, and serves as a great segue into The Philistine Beat which has a quick more punky feeling to it than the rest of the album.

Fear O Fear slows it back down, yet retains an eerie quality to it that has it stand out as one of the album’s strongest tracks. Up next is a live track of 21st Century Teenage recorded in Germany. It gives everyone an idea of how the band sounds live, and for the quality for a live track is phenomenal. The album closes with Wolfsbane Blues, and it is a great closing track for the album. It’s got a decent pace, is catchy and memorable, and just works as an album closer.

Saturday Night Séance Songs is a damned good album, and while I can’t quite decide if it is the strongest album of their career this early into my listening, I can say it will surely be challenging The Stillness Illness for most played Nim Vind album on this fiend’s players. Truthfully, the only complaint I have with the album is the odd placement of the live track. It seems like it is more of something that should be a hidden track after the final song, but instead it is placed awkwardly and somewhat disrupts the flow of the album. But this is a minor gripe when you get an album this damned good. 2014 has been one hell of a year for horrorpunk fans, and Nim Vind just made sure that he put his stamp on it to close the year out.

Killer Track
Where I’m From

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