Stereo Terror: The Ghoolz – The Ghoolz

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Atomic Grave
2) The Ghost Of James Dean
3) Day Of The Dead
4) Teenage Zombie Girl
5) I Remember Halloween
6) It Came From Outer Space
7) A Plentiful Feast
8) Creature
9) The Ghoolz
10) Hellena
11) Get Her Fix
12) Shoot ‘Em Dead
13) A Plentiful Feast (Acoustic)

Hailing from Traverse City, Michigan, The Ghoolz are a 1950’s themed horrorpunk band that has been around in some incarnation or another since the late 1990s, but have recently released their first full-length album on Graveyard Calling Records, one of the fastest growing horror-themed record labels around. Shockingly comprised of only two individuals, guitarist, drummer and vocalist Ken Campbell as well as bassist and vocalist Gary LaMarche, The Ghoolz have just released their self-titled album, chock full of 13 tracks with the aforementioned 1950s infused style horrorpunk.

The album begins with Atomic Grave which gives you a good taste of what you are in for. The track is definitely based around the hook of the chorus, and is a great track to start the album with. The band moves onto The Ghost Of James Dean, an ode to the man that anyone with a love of the 1950s has a deep affection for. The song is incredibly infectious, and I will not lie when I say as I first listened to the album, I had stop at this point and replay the track several times as I couldn’t get enough of it.

Day Of The Dead continues the old school sound while also remaining somehow current sounding and having a catchy chorus. Teenage Zombie Girl changes the sound up a bit and gives us more of an old school ballad sound. The song is unique in that it is so upbeat sounding while discussing such morbid content. The song segues its way right into I Remember Halloween, an ode to everyone’s favorite day of the year.

The album comes to its midway point with It Came From Outer Space which ups the speed a bit from the previous tracks, before heading into A Plentiful Feast which also keeps the quicker pace. At this point in the album you realize that the band has a specific sound, and rarely strays from it. Very much a “what you see is what you get” approach. Then Creature hits and throws you for a loop as it seems a little heavier as they croon about the beloved Creature From The Black Lagoon.

The band’s self-titled song The Ghoolz is just a fun little track and there is a damned good chance you will find yourself just tapping your foot along to it. Hellena goes back to the band’s normal sound, but then they change it back up with Get Her Fix which is a fast and hard punky song.

The band closes the album out with Shoot ‘Em Dead which is another heavy song before they revisit A Plentiful Feast as an acoustic song. While the song is good in its original form, the acoustic treatment just seems to be much stronger, and it is arguably one of the strongest tracks on the album.

Overall, this self-titled debut from The Ghoolz is one that is the very definition of being exactly what is advertised. The band says they are 1950’s infused horrorpunk, and every single track on this album bleeds that very advertisement. If it is something that you are into, then you won’t find a better option than this album. For those who aren’t, it is definitely worth a venture as you may be pleasantly surprised with what you get.

Killer Track
The Ghost Of James Dean

One thought on “Stereo Terror: The Ghoolz – The Ghoolz

  1. Kudos to killer Ken and scary Gary! Ghost of James Dean does keep you thirsty for more from the Ghoolz, can’t wait to catch the new album!

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