Stereo Terror: Paul Mauled And The Defendents – Take A Deep Breath

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Games
2) Mistakes
3) TMZ
4) All Aboard
5) Pay To Suck
6) Glass Lips
7) Strawberries
8) Are You Crazy
9) True Face
10) Imposition
11) Letters
12) Grey Rainbows
13) Bad Chemistry
14) Only In My Head
15) Til The Pulse Drops
16) Big Red Button
17) Unhappy
18) Steal Your Heart

Paul Mauled (a/k/a Paul Of The Living Dead) has been around the horrorpunk scene for quite some time, lodging time in bands such as Bad Whoremoans & The Undead as well as others. An outspoken individual for certain, Paul has been on both the negative and positive side of press in our beloved scene. I’ve had the opportunity to get my hands on the debut album of his new project, Paul Mauled And The Defendents, Take A Deep Breath. While not as exclusively horrorpunk as the man’s other projects, it is still close enough within the realm to warrant inclusion here on The Deadhouse.

The album begins with a catchy number entitled Games, which is about all the mind games that come along with any relationship. Anyone who has been in a serious relationship that has deteriorated at one point or another will certainly be able to relate. The catchy pop-punk vibe continues through the early part of the album, with an early contender for best track coming with the third song on the album, TMZ. A scathing criticism of the culture we live in, I have definitely found myself repeating this track as I listen to the album.

Speaking of criticisms, Pay To Suck is a harsh critique of the pay to play model most bands find themselves confined to at times. It’s an infectious tune that seems so happy given how brutal the subject matter is. Glass Lips takes things a little more mellow before the energy picks back up for Strawberries. The mellow to harder track pattern continues through Are You Crazy and True Face, before staying upbeat with Imposition, a fast and heavy track that is just over two minutes long, but you find yourself wishing it would keep going, as it is one of the most fun tracks on the album.

Letters is another great catchy track, and one that I kept thinking sounded overly familiar, until I realized that it was a track he had previously done an acoustic version of on one of his older solo albums that I used to listen to quite frequently. Grey Rainbows and Bad Chemistry keeps the pop-punk vibe going strong, which is predominant throughout the album until the standout Til The Pulse Drops. Starting out a bit heavier than all the other material on the album, this is the song that I feel lends itself best to Paul‘s vocals.

If you’re in the mood for 40+ minutes of solid poppy punk and just want something fun to listen to, I can’t recommend Take A Deep Breath enough. While it is no reinvention of the wheel by any means, sometimes just having something solid to listen to is all you need, and in that regard, Paul Mauled And The Defendents is a great album to throw on.

Be sure to check out the band’s official Website/Bandcamp page and be sure to like the band over on their Facebook page!

Killer Track
Til The Pulse Drops

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