Stereo Terror: By The Graveyard Tree – Souls

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Hollow Doll
2) Graveyard Story
3) Murder Haus

Hailing from the Washington, D.C. area, By The Graveyard Tree is a new female fronted horrorpunk band that is beginning to make waves in the scene. To kick off 2015, By The Graveyard Tree has released a 3 song EP entitled Souls for free to help get their name out there.

The band, comprised of lead vocalist Natashferatu, guitarist and backing vocalist MeganMortis, bassist Thunderblades and drummer JayB, waste no time getting right into it with the catchy Hollow Doll. A rather catchy track that functions well as not only the opening track, but also as many peoples introduction to the band, Hollow Doll builds to its infectious chorus. To be honest I wasn’t that huge a fan of the track on the first listen, but since my second listen I have sat with the track on repeat several times. As I’ve mentioned in reviews before, it’s always refreshing to hear female fronted horror bands that don’t give into the “psychobilly” style of vocals and sound, and while there are hints of it in Natashferatu‘s unique vocals, they are very much a beast all their own and I can surely see this helping the band stand out from their peers as they move forward.

Graveyard Story begins with a lengthy introduction, so much so that I had to double check the track listing and ensure it wasn’t meant to be the opening track. Once the first minute is over though, it kicks into high gear and doesn’t let go. While not as catchy as Hollow Doll, it’s still a lot better than a bunch of stuff you’ve likely heard over the last few years in the genre.

Closing out with Murder Haus the band closes this all too short EP out on a strong note. It’s long been said that the mark of a good song is when it’s over before you know it, and the song seems to fly by despite being the longest track on the album.

This brings me to my one real complaint about the EP, being that it just seems too short. While each song is over 4 minutes in length (which in the world of horrorpunk is actually quite long) only having 3 tracks on the album leaves you wanting more. And to be honest, it’s likely that is the point seeing as this will leave many fans clamoring for their next release. And I can assure you that after listening to Souls, there is a damned good chance you will be a fan.

Grab yourself a copy of Souls from the band’s official Bandcamp page, and be sure to give the band a like on their Facebook page to keep up to date on all the goings-on with the band!

Killer Track
Hollow Doll

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