Stereo Terror: Buzz Off Evil – The Rape And Revenge Of Buzz Off Evil

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Scream 1-2-3-4
2) All The Boys Love Mandy Lane
3) Small Town Folk
4) Carrie White Burns In Hell
5) Inbred Local Cowboys
6) Reanimated Love
7) Dod Sno
8) Bubba Ho-Tep
9) Black Blooded Brides Of Satan
10) Last Horror Virgin
11) The Rape And Revenge Of Jennifer Hills

One of the best things about the current Internet age is that finding new music is easier than it has ever been. This is even more essential with a smaller genre like horrorpunk, as you aren’t likely to find new stuff to listen to from TV, radio or walking through the local record shops. In all actuality, I’d say 90% of my favorite bands currently have been discovered thanks to trapesing through the darkest corners of the Internet and YouTube. Which brings me to one of my newest discoveries, Buzz Off Evil based out of Helsinki, Finland. The four-piece band consists of guitarist/vocalist Suukko-Sami, bassist/vocalist Daniel Stuka, guitarist Nekro Moilanen and drummer Kirves-Late. The band’s newest album, 2014’s The Rape And Revenge Of Buzz Off Evil showcases their particular brand of horrorpunk, leaning more towards a classic heavy metal (think Black Sabbath style metal) than a punk sound.

Beginning with the band’s ode to the series that redefined the slasher subgenre, Scream 1-2-3-4 is a catchy love letter to the series that also helps kick the album off with a bang. Seeing as it will also be many listeners first experience of the band, choosing to focus on a series most horror fans are familiar with is also a wise choice, as a lot of the other songs on the album are based upon horror films that aren’t as widely popular as Wes Craven‘s redefining series. A good example of this would be the second track, All The Boys Love Mandy Lane, based on the film of the same name. A few years back the entire horror community was up in arms about this little known slasher film starring Amber Heard. Unfortunately the film ended up being a bit of a disappointment, but this song is anything but. A ridiculously catchy chorus is the hook to the song, and you will no doubt find yourself listening to the song on repeat.

Small Town Folk is a slower song before the band turns it back up for Carrie White Burns In Hell. Without a doubt, this song belongs up there with any song based on the Stephen King novel and the several film iterations (of which Brian DePalma‘s 1976 adaptation still holds up as the superior version). The band’s ode to 1972’s Deliverance, Inbred Local Cowboys, hits next and is probably the song I’ve listened to the most since first getting my hands on the album. It’s an intriguing track that bounces back and forth between being a slower song as well as a hard hitting track. The use of female backing vocals during the chorus also helps the song stand out.

The triple threat of Reanimated Love, Dod Sno and Bubba Ho-Tep helps the band maintain a solid foundation through the second half of the album. I’m sure I’m drawing a blank at this moment in time, but I think that this is the first horrorpunk album I’ve heard that contains a track based on the awesome 2009 Nazi-Zombie epic, Dead Snow. Black Blooded Brides Of Satan begins the home stretch of the album, and a darker track in comparison to the rest of the album.

Think of Last Horror Virgin as an appetizer to be paired with the entrée of the final track, the band’s tribute to the controversial Camille Keaton starring exploitation film, Day Of The Woman (or I Spit On Your Grave as most people are familiar with it). If you didn’t catch it from the album’s cover art or the album name, it is clear that the band has a special place in their undead hearts for the film, and this song does not disappoint. I also have to give credit for bookending the song with the lullaby style, as it really works.

Given that up until a few weeks ago I had never even heard of Buzz Off Evil, I can safely say that they are a band to keep an eye on. There is not a single track on the album that disappoints, I can’t recommend checking the Helsinki-based band enough.

Be sure to go give Buzz Off Evil a like on their Facebook page to stay up to date on the band and grab yourself a copy of The Rape And Revenge Of Buzz Off Evil!

Killer Track
Inbred Local Cowboys

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