Stereo Terror: Calabrese – Lust For Sacrilege

Release Year

Track Listing
1) The Dark Is Who I Am
2) Down In Misery
3) Teenage Crimewave
4) Flesh And Blood
5) Lust For Sacrilege
6) Wanted Man
7) Serpentflame
8) Gimme War
9) New York Ripper
10) Lords Of The Wasteland
11) Drift Into Dust

The brothers Calabrese have long been a mainstay in the horrorpunk genre. Since the 2005 release of 13 Halloweens, the Phoenix, Arizona based trio has been touring and steadily releasing albums that are not afraid to rock you while also evolving along the way. While the band has slowly moved away from the more traditional horror-based sounds that made their 2005 debut, as well as 2006’s The Traveling Vampire Show, such stand outs, they have never forgotten what brought them to the table. With the release of their sixth full-length album, Lust For Sacrilege, the band comes out with possibly their heaviest and darkest album to date.

Beginning with the haunting The Dark Is Who I Am, you are immediately let in on the fact that the brothers have matured beyond their earlier works. Down In Misery, chosen as a single from the album is certainly one of the most accessible songs on the album, so it is a great choice for a single. Teenage Crimewave is a perfect mix of melody and the harder side of the band. If you were to sit down and listen to the band’s early work then a song like Teenage Crimewave you will definitely see and hear the difference in the band. They sound more confident and sure of their musical abilities.

Flesh And Blood slows things down a bit, focusing on the vocals from Bobby and Jimmy Calabrese. Not to be left out however, the song is completely driven by Davey Calabrese on the drums. It’s just a damned near perfect rock song. The title track, Lust For Sacrilege comes next and is definitely one of the strongest tracks the band has ever done. Everything about the song oozes everything that is great about the band we have come to know and love over their previous five albums.

Both Wanted Man and Serpentflame keep the momentum going, and to me at least, have a 90s hard rock feel, and I mean that in the best way possible. Again, it shows how much the band has grown through the years. Gimme War picks everything up and just smashes into your ears right from the first second. Then comes New York Ripper, the song I was most excited to hear just because of the name. I have a crazy love for Italian horror maestro Lucio Fulci, and The New York Ripper is arguably his sleaziest film and I have a great love for it. While the song is not based on the film, it is still dealing with dark subject matter like murder, and may be one of the most accomplished songs the band has ever done. I cannot lie when I say this is the song I have probably listened to the most off of the album.

Lords Of The Wasteland continues the band’s trek of hard yet still accessible tunes before the album slows down as it reaches its end with Drift Into Dust, the album’s ballad. The band has never really gone the ballad route fully before, but they succeed in the endeavor with flying colors. Drift Into Dust is a perfect end to an album that shows that Calabrese is a true force to be reckoned with. While mainstream success has somewhat eluded the band in the past, anyone who hears this album cannot deny that the band is fully deserving of all the success in the world. It is easily my favorite Calabrese album since Calabrese III: They Call Us Death, and that says a lot, because I am a big fan of both Dayglo Necros and Born With A Scorpion’s Touch!

To add some awesomeness to this review, I have just found out that the band is going to be playing a show here in my hometown next month which I fully plan on attending, and possibly doing the first live review on The Deadhouse and who knows, maybe I can sucker the band into an interview at the show!

Head over to the band’s Official Website for all the current tour dates and to pick up a copy of Lust For Sacrilege as well as all of the band’s other releases!

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