Stereo Terror: The Decomposed – Donna The Dead

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Loved To Death
2) Behind My Eyes
3) Donna The Dead
4) Haddonfield
5) Fright Night
6) Devil Train
7) Red Night

Let’s be honest, when you think of horrorpunk, Oklahoma isn’t exactly the place you’d expect a great horror-based band to come from. But here we are, with The Decomposed hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The band has been around for several years, having formed in 2003. The Decomposed mix several styles for their particular brand of horrorpunk, which all came together on their 2011 release, the cleverly named Donna The Dead.

The opening track, Loved To Death, allows you to become immediately acquainted with the band and their particular style. One thing I have always liked about this band are the vocals, as I cannot think of any other vocalist that sounds like this. It’s always refreshing to hear horrorpunk that doesn’t ape the styles of other bands, so this certainly helps The Decomposed stand out. While I am obviously giving extra attention to the vocals, that does not mean I am taking away from the other aspects of the band. The sound that the band produces blends with the vocals mesh incredibly well, giving listeners the complete package.

Behind My Eyes is the band’s ode to Freddy Krueger and the Nightmare On Elm Street series. Far too often in horrorpunk when bands put together songs based on films or specific characters, they aren’t always very subtle about it, more often than not choosing to beat listeners over the head with their message. This is not one of those songs, choosing to tell the story from the potential victim’s point of view. The song is also strong as hell, just grabbing the listener by the throat and taking them on a fun hellacious ride.

The title track comes next, and it has a strong doo-wop influence while also not sacrificing the band’s punkier aspects. It’s an interesting blend, but it works phenomenally. Paying tribute to the Halloween movies, Haddonfield starts out a little heavier than the previous tracks before going more melodic. Certainly one of the catchier songs on the album, the song builds to the chorus from the perspective of the legendary Michael Myers. Moving away from Haddonfield the band then chooses to focus on the 1985 Tom Holland classic, and one of my personal favorite movies, Fright Night. Staying the course with the catchy melodic style that has brought the band to the table, it is without a doubt one of the better songs focused on Fright Night that I’ve ever heard.

Devil Train starts off slow before getting much harder, even bringing in some screams, something you don’t hear too much in the genre, separating it from the rest of the songs on the album. That is, until the final track, Red Night, without a doubt the hardest track on the album. It’s the type of song that reaches out and grabs you by the throat, not releasing its grip until it’s all over. Given how melodic the entirety of the album is, it is an interesting choice to go out with such heaviness, but it works considering the previous track started leaning towards the more intense side of the band.

Overall, Donna The Dead is a solid effort from the band, and is a fun way to burn through 18 minutes. Sometimes all you need is to be able to throw some fun music on to enjoy, and this short album from The Decomposed is not a bad choice in the slightest.

Be sure to check out and give a like to the band’s Facebook page and also check out their ReverbNation page to listen to some of the songs from this album.

Killer Track
Behind My Eyes

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