Deadhouse Interview: Al B. Damned

I should start by making a confession… When I first started The Deadhouse back at the end of 2013, I never expected it would afford me some of the opportunities that it has. The point of launching the site initially was to give me a chance to write which has long been a passion of mine, while also helping spread the word about these hardworking bands that deserved recognition. While horror movies, books and television shows are also covered, the focus has always been on the world of horrorpunk. As the site gained notoriety I’ve been able to get in touch with several artists that I’ve long admired. Last year I was able to do an interview with Argyle Goolsby, one of the men behind Blitzkid, my all-time favorite band. And now I have had the opportunity to do an interview with the one and only Al B. Damned, who is a close number two behind only Blitzkid for myself.

So without further a due, and to help promote the upcoming March release of For Old Time’s Stake, here is our exclusive interview with Al B. Damned!

Who are you?
Al B. Damned

What is your current project?
My horror-punk solo project of the same name.

What first got you interested in the horror genre as a whole?
My dad and I used to watch a film called ‘It Came From Hollywood‘ starring John Candy, Dan Akroyd and Gilda Radner. It was an old taped-off-the-TV VHS simply labelled The Monster Movie. It was a tongue-in-cheek look at the old B-movies from the 50s but we used to watch it over and over. Some of the monsters really stuck in my mind like the Fiend Without A Face, The Blob, and Godzilla and since then I’ve loved horror.

What are some of your favorite horror-punk bands?
I’ve always been a massive fan of rockabilly music since I knew what music was. This lead me to discover Psychobilly and in turn, Horror-Punk. The Misfits are, and always will be my favorite horror-punk band. From the Danzig era all through to the end of the Graves‘ era, they have been a massive influence. I’m also a fan of The Other from Germany, The Graveyard Boulevard, Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 and Calabrese.

What about bands that don’t fall under the horror-punk umbrella?
To be honest, Horror-Punk is what I choose to do because I love Horror and I love punk, but I listen to a lot of different genres. Favorite bands outside the world of horror-punk have got to be Alice Cooper, 90’s Marilyn Manson, Eddie Cochran, Stray Cats, Korn, Slipknot, Rob Zombie, Guns ‘N Roses and KISS to name a few.

What are some of your favorite horror movies?
Wow…. For me that is a ridiculously hard question. I have a soft spot for terrible, zero budget movies like Granny, Head Cheerleader Dead Cheerleader and shit like that. Taking out B-Movie Monsters and thinking seriously… Silence Of The Lambs is a high contender. I love the original House On Haunted Hill with Vincent Price, and The Return Of The Living Dead. I’m a big fan of Psycho and slasher movies such as Friday The 13th and the Nightmare On Elm Street movies.

What are some of your favorite non-horror movies?
Before starting my first band, I actually studied Film Making with the plan to direct independent movies, so I studied a lot of films during my student days. I like the old 50’s sci-fi movies such as The Day The Earth Stood Still and Forbidden Planet. I like The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari. I love the first two Terminator movies. Masters Of The Universe with Dolph Lundgren and Run Lola Run are high contenders too. I could stay on this question forever, so I will move on.

Who is your personal favorite Classic Universal Monster?
I think has to be either Claude Rains as The Invisible Man or The Creature From The Black Lagoon… Claude Rains for his performance and The Creature because he’s The Creature! Plus I have the Creature tattooed on my bicep.

Out of the big slasher movie icons, who would be your personal favorite?
I think Jason Voorhees is my all-time favorite. The hockey mask in Friday The 13th Part 3 was a wise move. Iconic.

2013’s The Seven EP was meant to be the last release from the Al B. Damned project, what resulted in the change of mind to come back with For Old Time’s Stake?
At the time that The Seven EP was released, the band had been majorly let down. I knew Al B. Damned was who I was and what I wanted to do, but trying to make it happen was killing me. I decided to take a break from it all and released the EP for the fans. In all honesty at that point I told close friends that Al B. Damned was 100% dead, but like most things when they’re gone, I started to miss it. Myself and Pip got talking about some songs I’d written and eventually it all culminated into the new album.

Are there any plans of touring to support the release of the new album?
At the moment it is still in talks. Myself and Pip are definitely in agreement that the new album deserves a tour. What that will look like? I’m not sure.

What was it like during the transition from the days of The Texas Drag Queen Massacre into the Al B. Damned project?
It was pretty subliminal to be honst. TDQM‘s line-up was constantly changing due to commitment issues and eventually I had enough of piecing together band members and crediting people for things they’d not done. So I went solo and ironically found the longest standing and most enjoyable people I ever worked with. It has taught myself and Pip a lot though, and the new band (if there is one) will be unstoppable.

What do you have planned for horror fans in the future?
I am in the midst of writing, illustrating and publishing a horror-style children’s book called Ikky. I also hope to make a selection of short independent horror movies over the next couple of years and perhaps a new Al B. Damned album.

And now for free reign, anything else you’d like to let readers of the site know about?
I wanna say thank you to The Deadhouse for chatting with me, I want the readers to keep supporting all things horror and I wanna say thank you to the fans for their undying support. Without you I’d just be playing with myself!


I wanna thank Al B. Damned once again for agreeing to take the time to answer these questions! As of this writing, the release date for For Old Time’s Stake has just been announced for Friday, March 13th 2015! So keep your eyes peeled as you can be sure there will be a review here on The Deadhouse!

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