Stereo Terror: Lupen Tooth – Strawberries & Cream

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Coffin Pallor
2) Moonlight Fury
3) Zombie Doll
4) Bury You Deep
5) My Coffin Is My Home

Hailing from the city of Bristol in the good ol’ United Kingdom, Lupen Tooth is a horrorpunk trio that has recently been making a name for themselves amongst the scene since their first release last summer, the aptly titled First Bites. Consisting of bassist and vocalist Tommy Creep, guitarist and vocalist Klum and drummer Nicky Naylor, these UK horrorpunks are gearing up for the release of their new EP, Strawberries & Cream on Graveyard Calling Records, the small horror-focused label founded by Creep himself. As I have a good relationship with Creep from past Graveyard Calling releases that have been featured on the site, I have been lucky enough to get my hands on an advanced copy of Strawberries & Cream ahead of its Friday, February 13th release.

The 5-song EP begins with Coffin Pallor, and comes right for the jugular off the hop. Given that this track may be the band’s introduction to new listeners, the track serves its purpose well as the song builds and builds before exploding with the chorus. What’s incredible about the track is that is only one minute and forty seconds long, but it never feels that brief. I’ve long said that if a good short song feels longer than it is due to the listener’s enjoyment (as opposed to when bad short songs seem like they take forever, just because, well, they’re awful) than that is a sign of a good track.

Capitalizing on the previous tracks energy, Moonlight Fury is a solid track that’s only weakness is that it follows up the fantastic first track. Zombie Doll has a very similar feel to Moonlight Fury, almost to the point of it seeming like a natural progression of a two-part song. I do find Zombie Doll to be more enjoyable for some reason. I should also note that at three minutes and thirty-three seconds, it also serves as the Freebird of the EP.

Bury You Deep changes things up from the previous two tracks, and is more of a very melodic hard rock song that strings the album together leading into the finale of the EP, My Coffin Is My Home, which has a really fun and unique sound to it. I could very easily seeing this song as one that would stand out in the set list of any shows the band does in the future. It wraps up (unfortunately) too short EP nicely, completing the well put together package that began with Coffin Pallor. I quite dig the fact that the band book ended the album with the two strongest tracks on offer here. Not to say that the middle is weak by any stretch of the imagination, as there isn’t a single offering on Strawberries & Cream that feels out of place.

The band has several versions of the album available for purchase currently through their Bandcamp page starting at £3.50 for the digital copy and ranging up to £15 for the “Total Eclipse” Merch pack, which nets you a copy of the album, but also a lyric sheet, the band’s first album First Bites, a logo patch and sticker, glow in the dark guitar pick and a variety of three badges. For the price, you can’t really go wrong, and you’ll thank yourself later. And of course, be sure to head over and give the band a like on their Facebook page to stay up to date on all the latest happenings involving the band.

Killer Track
Coffin Pallor


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