Stereo Terror: Aaron Omen – Beyond Villainous

Release Year

Track Listing
1) My Corpse Bride
2) Kill Scene
3) The Spiders
4) Immortality
5) Cavern Of Demons
6) The Witching Hour
7) Dead Girl
8) The Liberation Of Raccoon City
9) Zombie Night
10) Saving Hitler’s Brain
11) We’ll Die Together
12) Shangri La
13) Terror At The Red Wolf Inn
14) When Darkness Comes
15) Pet Sematary (Acoustic Cover)

A few years ago when I was really starting to become a fan of the horrorpunk genre, one of the first albums I came across was Beyond Villainous by Aaron Omen. Based out of Florida, Omen burst onto the scene with a hellish fury, attracting many fans with the release of the video for the single, My Corpse Bride. Having some help on a few tracks from ex-Blitzkid bassist and vocalist Argyle Goolsby certainly didn’t hurt either. So being as this was one of the albums that was instrumental in building my love of the horrorpunk genre, I thought it appropriate to revisit and see how it holds up.

Beginning with the previously mentioned first single, My Corpse Bride is catchy punk with a horrific twist at its finest. I find it hard to believe that anyone could listen to the song and not be singing along with it before it ends. Following up the strong intro track, Omen tackles the idea of how horror can influence the fans with Kill Scene. A hard hitting song that never relents, it is undoubtedly one of the strongest tracks on the album. Omen‘s blend of melody and heaviness continues through The Spiders, Immortality (which was also released as a single with a video to accompany it) and Cavern Of Demons before things slow down for a musical interlude with The Witching Hour.

Picking things back up, Dead Girl is another song that could easily be played on your local rock radio station if they ever played good music. The song is definitely built for sing-alongs at live shows. The Liberation Of Raccoon City is probably the worst track on the album, as it is just the same verse repeated ad nauseum. It actually reminded me a lot of Ty Cobb by Soundgarden for those of you who may be familiar with that song. Thankfully the train gets back on track with the fun Zombie Night. Saving Hitler’s Brain is undoubtedly my favorite track on the album. The song is ridiculously catchy given the subject matter. But there is literally nothing about the song that I don’t like.

We’ll Die Together is another song built for sing alongs, before we get another musical interlude in the form of Shangri La. The final stretch of the album kicks off with Terror At The Red Wolf Inn, which you will absolutely be moving your head and feet by the end of the song. Undoubtedly the fastest and heaviest track on the album, it serves as a perfect segue way to When Darkness Comes, the last original track on the album. Much like Terror it is a fast and heavy song, but not as hard as the previous track, and slightly more melodic. Finally, the album comes to a close with an acoustic cover of the classic Ramones song Pet Sematary. While the original was never a hard song, Omen‘s acoustic rendition is a solid cover, which says a lot as I am generally not a fan of covers, especially ones who change the whole song as Omen did by going acoustic.

Overall, having revisited the album, it is still a solid offering that I throw on from time to time. Unfortunately, things have been quiet on the Aaron Omen front for a few years, and I don’t believe we will ever be receiving a follow up album, which is a damned shame, as it is very clear that Omen is a talented singer and songwriter. Also, given the fact that so many bands in the horrorpunk genre can sound alike (it’s likely safe to say that 75% of bands in the genre ape their sound from either The Misfits or Blitzkid) Omen is a refreshing change of pace. But at the very least we have these 15 tracks to revisit from time to time.

You can grab yourself a copy of Beyond Villainous from any digital music providers such as iTunes or Xbox Music.

Killer Track
Saving Hitler’s Brain

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