DeadTube: Kitty In A Casket – Kreepsville 666

Kitty In A Casket

Kreepsville 666


Welcome fiends and ghouls to the first edition of DeadTube. This is a new feature where I will be sharing music videos from the horrific world of horrorpunk. It will be used to help promote brand new videos, in addition to random selections from the past, from acts both new and old.

Our first video selection is the new video from Deadhouse favorites Kitty In A Casket. How new is it you ask? Well, the video was just premiered by the band earlier today!

The band has selected the second track from their most recent album, entitled Kreepsville 666. So without further a due, here is the brand new video from Kitty In A Casket!

Be sure to share the video to help spread the word! You can also give the band a Like over on their Facebook page, and you can also grab a copy of 2013’s Bittersweet including Kreepsville 666 on Xbox Music, iTunes and anywhere else you can find great music!

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