Deadhouse Special: Shock Stock 2015

You may recall last year around this time the site went into somewhat of a Shock Stock mania. I did interviews with both of the scumbags running the show, Jake Grimbrother (Deadhouse Interview here) and James ‘Bilo’ Bialkowski (Deadhouse Interview here). If you know me in any way, shape or form, you would know that Shock Stock is my favorite weekend of the year. Launched in 2011 by everyone’s favorite Canadian scumbags, the event has been steadily growing in size since the inaugural show. Always making sure there is an eclectic grouping of guests that blends underground cult favorites with more well-known guests, and this year looks to be no different, but we will get to that shortly. Shock Stock also has a great track record of fantastic events that take place during the weekend. Back in 2011, a special screening of The Evil Dead with almost the complete cast in attendance was a smashing success. The following year in 2012, there was a one-two punch of a screening of Demons with both the lovely Geretta Geretta and Tony The Pimp himself, Bobby Rhodes in attendance. Then the following night was an event that anyone lucky enough to be in London, Ontario and attending would never forget. The almighty Goblin (the incarnation featuring Claudio Simonetti and Maurizio Guarini) played a live show for the first time in North America in 30 years. Having attended, I can tell you with absolutely no hyperbole, it truly was a magical night.

And now, the 5th anniversary of the event is upon us, occurring at Centennial Hall in London, Ontario, Canada on the weekend of April 24-26. Just like years past, the guest list is all over the place, so no matter how much of a horror fan, there is likely someone that you’d love to meet at the show. To help promote the show I wanted to share some of the guest list and information on this year’s forthcoming event, so click on through to find out just some of the reasons you need to attend Canada’s truest and greasiest horror con!

This year’s Guest Of Honor is Euro Horror hero, Giovanni Lombardo Radice. Most notable for his performance in the Cannibal classic Cannibal Ferox (aka Make Them Die Slowly), Radice is making his Canadian fan appearance debut, so having him fly in directly from Rome, Italy just to meet and chat with his fans is a unique opportunity to meet the man himself as this could be the only time ever that he meets with Canadian fans in their homeland. Radice is also well known for his appearance in Ruggero Deodato‘s 1980 sleaze fest House On The Edge Of The Park playing Ricky, who is a lackey to Alex, played by the late David Hess in a role incredibly similar to Krug from the original Last House On The Left. And then there is his performance as Bob in Lucio Fulci‘s classic City Of The Living Dead (aka Gates Of Hell) where he meets his untimely demise by having a drill press put through his head in one of the most famous gore scenes in history. Radice‘s appearance alone is worth the price of admission, but there are so many more guests to cover.

Without a doubt a Hollywood Legend, Eric Roberts is a huge get for the team behind Shock Stock. Roberts actually appeared last year at the inaugural Comic Con run by the same team, and he loved it so much he requested that he be brought back. To try and cover some of the films that Roberts has partaken in would have us here all year, but some recent highlights include everything from huge blockbusters like The Expendables and The Dark Knight to lesser known fare like Assault On Wall Street and the forthcoming trilogy-closer The Human Centipede III: The Final Sequence.

Here’s one for any exploitation fan to be excited about! Camille Keaton, she of the legendary classic I Spit On Your Grave (aka Day Of The Woman) will be making her first Canadian appearance in several years at this years event! If you are in any way a fan of grindhouse, exploitation and/or horror, you surely need to know all about her classic role as Jennifer Hills in the rape/revenge classic. I have personally heard nothing but good things about Ms. Keaton and I am personally super excited to finally have the chance to meet her!

 Having appeared at several Shock Stock events, famed member of the aforementioned Goblin, the ever classy Maurizio Guarini will once again be making his presence felt for the weekend, and will be bringing along new merch for any fan! Having met the man several times, I can assure you that they do not come nicer or more approachable than he. Be sure to pick up a copy of the BluRay of the 2012 Goblin at Shock Stock concert if he still has them, so that you can get a taste of what we were able to live back in 2012 on one of the greatest nights in horror history!

Just added to the show is the legendary Candyman himself, the one and only Tony Todd. Having appeared in everything from the aforementioned Clive Barker classic to the good entries in the Final Destination films, Todd is undoubtedly an icon in the genre. I know that I have personally asked the Scumbags on several occasions when they were gonna get around to brining Todd in for a show, and I am honestly more excited to meet him than most horror stars I’ve met in the past.

In addition to the stars mentioned above, you can also expect to see Burning Angel Porn Goddess Jessie Lee, Jeramie Rain from the original Last House On The Left, Edwin Neal, the Hitchiker from the iconic original Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Eugene Clark who was Big Daddy in Romero‘s Land Of The Dead, Jonathan Tiersten from Sleepaway Camp, indie horror sensation Rachel Crow as well as the finals for the inaugural Miss Shock Stock contest. And of course, there will be Shock Stock regulars Dustin Mills, The Monsters Of Schlock and I’m sure Rocco will be around too!

Basically, if you miss Shock Stock 2015, you are not the real!

For more information on Shock Stock as well as information on how to attend, be sure to visit the Official Website, and all us horror fanatics will see you there!

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