Stereo Terror: Captain Blood – For Sail

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Glow N The Dark
2) Last Ride
3) The Brain That Wouldn’t Die
4) Where Are My Bones
5) They Live
6) Dawn Of The Dead
7) I Heart The Monster Hero
8) Hangman
9) Come Alive
10) Black Cat
11) Shark Attack Beach
12) Haunted House

One of the benefits of running The Deadhouse is that I am sometimes approached by bands that I have not found on my own through searching the internet. Captain Blood is one of those bands. I was sent a copy of their new album For Sail and asked if I would consider reviewing it here on the site. One thing I had decided when I founded the site back in late 2013 is that regardless of how I came across a band, whether I found them on my own or they approached me with their music, is that I would always be honest in my reviews, and I would not always hand out a positive review just because I was sent a free copy of the album, whether it be physical or digital. Thankfully I have been lucky in that 99% of the bands that have approached me have had music that I cannot help but enjoy. With For Sail, I can honestly say that the CD has been on regular rotation in my vehicle since I received the album a few weeks ago.

The album begins with a sample of an old-timey introduction the first track is solid instrumentals before it flows into Last Ride where you get your first real taste of what Captain Blood has to offer. As I’ve mentioned in the past some of the genres that horrorpunk ties in with are not exactly huge selling points to me. I have a hard time fully enjoying psychobilly style and I am also not overly fond of the surf genre as it has never really grown on me. Captain Blood utilizes a surf sound with their particular brand of horrorpunk, and it’s very well done, merging the two genres in a way where neither is overpowering in comparison to the other. Songs like Last Ride and Where Are My Bones are both great examples of this collusion.

The band clearly has a love for the older side of the genre, and you can certainly feel a love for 50s style horror and sci-fi movies. There are also songs written about the Roddy Piper starring John Carpenter directed cult classic They Live. And of course no horrorpunk album would be complete without a tribute to the greatest film of all-time (well, in my opinion at least) George A. Romero‘s 1978 zombie epic Dawn Of The Dead. Other standout tracks include I Heart The Monster Hero (drawing inspiration from the most famous citizen in Tromaville, the revered Toxic Avenger), Come Alive and the closing track for the album, Haunted House, for which the band put together a great video which you will find embedded below!

If you are in the mood for something a little different from most of our beloved genre, and also have a hankering for a little surf thrown in for good measure, you definitely can’t go wrong with Captain Blood! Be sure to grab yourself a copy of For Sail from Amazon and give the band a like over on their Facebook page!

Killer Track
Dawn Of The Dead

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