Deadhouse Special: Silent Horror’s Brendall Rector Talks New Songs

It’s certainly been a turbulent year for Silent Horror. Resurfacing last year with ex-Blitzkid bassist/vocalist Argyle Goolsby, the band released a self-titled album made up of previous material with the new line-up (you can check out our Stereo Terror review here). This line-up was not long for the world and soon enough the band would be unveiling another line-up change, and unleashing three brand new songs to go with it. Now featuring longstanding members Brandall Rector on drums & backing vocals and Brent Hajny on guitars and backing vocals, the band also welcomed back original member Matt Kerley into the fold, handling bass duties, and finally new member Austin Price as lead vocalist. I’ve been lucky enough to speak with Brandall regarding the new songs they have put together and will be appearing on a forthcoming full-length album. Check after the break for his thoughts on the songs, as well as the songs themselves!

Greetings from beyond….We are Silent Horror! Back with our original 2009 bass player Matt Kerley and our new singer Austin Price. We would like to thank The Deadhouse for featuring us and throw out a giant thank you to all the Silent Horror supporters out there who have followed us on this crazy ride since 2008! YOU are our CIRCLE OF DARKNESS and we could not do this without you! ALL HAIL THE RED SPECTRE!

Brandall from Silent Horror here to give you a spooktacular rundown of our 3 brand new singles from the upcoming full length album! Let’s start this off with the heaviest track of the three, Digging Up The Marrow.

This songs music was conjured up early last year and is one hell of a fun song to play live! It’s lyrically based off of the new film by Adam Green but was actually 90% written before the movie was released with the lyrics solely based on the film’s trailer.

The second song (and my personal favorite of the three) is Mary Jo. This is one of those songs that has been with us since 2010/2011. It was based off an old Tales From The Crypt episode called “Four Sided Triangle” (It’s on YouTube so check it out!). We had the song’s chorus and Doo-Wop bridge written since 2011 but were never sure on the verses 100% until our new singer Austin came in and gave them exactly what they needed!

Last but certainly not least is (We Are) Monster Squad. Basically an anthem song and more of what I would call a power horror song. We are giant fans of the movie so the lyrics flowed very easily and was definitely my favorite to record. From the driving verses to the powerful chanting chorus, this song was a must for the upcoming full-length album.

If you would like to check these three tracks out, you can grab them now on iTunes and all other streaming stores and sites, as well as on YouTube or here on The Deadhouse! Gather around the speakers because….THE SÉANCE HAS BEGUN!

I want to thank Brandall for taking the time to talk about the songs here on the site, and of course when that full-length album drops, you can be assured you will see a review here on the site! In the meantime, be sure to keep up to date with all things Silent Horror over on their Facebook page!

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