Stereo Terror: Rebel Flesh – I Have Become The Night

Release Year

Track Listing
1) The Dark
2) Hollow Heart
3) Superficial
4) Let Them Sleep
5) Roseland
6) Bloody Mary
7) Torrid
8) Killed Away
9) Dance It Deadly
10) Valley Walker
11) Moonlight Murder
12) All Alone
13) Halloween Doll
14) Kiss, Kiss
15) That Wanders
16) Screamin’ Siren

Hailing from Austin Texas, Rebel Flesh is a relatively newer horrorpunk band consisting of ex-members of several Austin-area bands. Moving their focus to the darker side of the genre, the band put together their debut full-length entitled I Have Become The Night. The obvious question as it always is, is whether it is worth your time to check out Rebel Flesh or not.

I Have Become The Night starts with The Dark, which is just fantastically catchy. To be honest, I had a hard time proceeding with the album upon first listen as I kept listening to this song on repeat. The band draws from a wide variety of influences (if you don’t catch the obvious Elvis influence from the cover art you might need to reevaluate your music knowledge) but there are also hints of a wide variety of other bands such as The Damned, The Cramps, Misfits among others.

By the time you get to Roseland, one of the strongest tracks on the album, you will undoubtedly have decided whether Rebel Flesh is up your alley or not. In a genre that does have so many similar sounding bands (let’s be honest, 85% of the bands in the genre are aping either Misfits or Blitzkid) it is incredibly refreshing to hear something different, yet still retains a lot of what we as fans love about the genre. Songs like the aforementioned The Dark and Roseland, as well as Bloody Mary really kick the first half of the album up while you listen and almost feel the band hitting their groove throughout.

In terms of the music itself, you can tell that every member of the band is clearly seasoned from their past stints in other bands, as there is no part of the band that seems to be lacking. Guitar, bass and drums all keep the album driving while the vocals have their own sense of uniqueness to help Rebel Flesh to stand out from many of their horrorpunk counterparts.

The second half of the album is just as strong with the first, highlighted by the catchy and fun as hell Moonlight Murder. When I first listened to the album I had pegged The Dark as the “Killer Track” on the album, but Moonlight Murder takes that prize off the mantle and completely takes off with it. That’s not to say the other tracks on the second half, or even the first, are bad, it’s just that Murder is such an incredible tune that it stands out head and shoulders above the rest.

While the remainder of the album never quite hits that same high provided by Murder it still maintains the steady pace and soundscape established from the beginning of the album. Screamin’ Siren works beautifully as a closing track, leaving a good impression on your ears as the album comes to a close.

Rebel Flesh certainly make quite a splash with I Have Become The Night, and if you want something a little different from your horrorpunk, then you certainly can’t go wrong here. You can grab a copy of I Have Become The Night from iTunes, Xbox Music or any other streaming music service, and be sure to give the band a Like over on their Official Facebook page!

Killer Track
Moonlight Murder

4 thoughts on “Stereo Terror: Rebel Flesh – I Have Become The Night

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