Stereo Terror: Just Another Monster – Just Another Monster

Release Year

Track Listing
1) The Pain Of Being Dead
2) Ghosts Cast Out
3) Horror By The Bayou
4) Terror In Tarry Town

I’m not quite sure when it happened, but Texas has become a bit of a hot bed for new horrorpunk bands. We previously covered Rebel Flesh out of Austin (check out our review of their album I Have Become The Night here) and now we have Just Another Monster hailing from Dallas. Having recently released a four-song EP, the band formed in August of 2012, and is now readying themselves to unleash their particular brand of horrorpunk upon the masses.

The four song demo has been around for a little bit, and I’ve seen it labelled as a self-titled EP, as well as under the title Demo(n)s so be aware if you come across it under either title, the music contained within appears to be the same. Beginning with The Pain Of Being Dead the band wastes absolutely no time throwing themselves out there and establishing the sound. What really helps differentiate Just Another Monster from many of their contemporaries are the unique vocals of frontman Alex Murder. The harsher style of vocals lend themselves well to the vibe that the band establishes, and meshes well with the backing vocals of bassist Stitch Nicholas and guitarist Blake Starr. Of course everything is kept on track by the solid drumming from Twitch Addams. The Pain Of Being Dead takes a different approach to the regular zombie apocalypse song by being influenced by the point of view of the zombie, and kicks ass right from the start.

Starting out with a wicked bass line, Ghosts Cast Out begins making you think something a little different is coming, but by the time Murder‘s vocals drop in you will be back to feeling settled in with the band’s sound. Some awesome gang shouting backing vocals are undoubtedly a stand out part of the song. Horror By The Bayou appropriately has a Southern feel to it and is driven by great backing drums and another solid bass performance. The song starts out a little slower than the other tracks on the album, but again by the chorus it explodes with more backing gang vocals and I can definitely see this one being a crowd pleaser at live shows.

The all too short EP comes to a close with Terror In Tarry Town. The song once again revolves strongly around the chorus, anchored by the horrorpunk staple of “whoa-oh” gang vocals, but it’s done in a manner that works within the confines of the song and doesn’t feel too generic as many bands sometimes fall into the trap of.

Without a doubt, Just Another Monster are going to be a band to keep an eye on in the future. With some more refinement and time as the band can come into its own, the potential is here for the band to become a force to be reckoned with.

Be sure to grab yourself a copy of the EP at the Just Another Monster BandCamp page and throw the band a Like on their Facebook page to stay up to date on all the latest news involving the band!

Killer Track
The Pain Of Being Dead

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