Stereo Terror: Freak Accident – Terror Punk The E.P.

Release Date

Track Listing
1) Intro. The Ranks Of The Filthy…
2) C.O.N.’s (Creatures Of The Nacht)
3) Monster Masher
4) One In The Heart, Two In The Head
5) Violence Is The Only Choice
Hailing from the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, Freak Accident are a new, self-proclaimed “terror punk” band consisting of guitarist and lead vocalist Jack Splat, bassist and backing vocalist Ray Wood as well as drummer and backing vocalist Tim Bollinger. I have to say, when I was first introduced to the band, their proclamation of taking the horrorpunk genre to a level of being considered “terror punk” certainly had me intrigued. Alas, the question remains if the band could live up to this hype they built for themselves.

The EP begins with the intro track, appropriately titled Intro. The Ranks Of The Filthy which, as most bands in the genre are apt to do at one point of another, contains several samples to help hype the listener for the proceeding tracks. With C.O.N.’s (Creatures Of The Nacht) the band unleashes their particular brand of musical mayhem. You can immediately tell that the band wants to differentiate themselves from a lot of similar bands in the genre by playing harder and faster. Splat‘s vocals are also unlike many of his contemporaries, and upon first listen may throw off the listener. I’ve been listening to the EP for roughly a week or so now, and I am still not quite sure on exactly how I feel about them.

Monster Masher marks the midway point of the EP, and takes the album in a slightly different direction than the previous track, introducing a little more melody to the proceedings, and comes off as a much superior track to the preceding songs. At 3 minutes and 59 seconds, it also serves as the longest track presented here, and just as it is the halfway point of the album, towards the middle the song moves off in a more aggressive direction, ensuring it does fit with the rest of the songs after the brief, more melodic interlude.

One In The Heart, Two In The Head moves through its under 3 minute runtime as if the band’s lives depend on plowing through the track as quickly as possible, and I mean that in the absolute best way. As well, it has the distinction of being one of my favorite song titles that I have encountered in the past few years of running this site. The band closes out the album with the additionally awesome titled Violence Is The Only Choice. The song does work as a fine way to close the album, but seems a bit like a step down from the past two tracks. That’s not to say it is a bad track, as it is fast, fun and fits in with the rest of the “terror punk” tracks on the album.

Considering you can grab the full EP for only $3 at the band’s Official BandCamp page you’d be foolish not to check the band out. I can say that I am looking forward to see how the band evolves their sound with the inevitable follow-up album, and you can also keep up with the band through their Facebook page!

Killer Track
One In The Heart, Two In The Head

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