Stereo Terror: Telling Tasha – Corpse Blossom

Release Year

Track Listing
1) 1987
2) Turn Up The Radio
3) Blue Moon Killer
4) Galaxy 27
5) Lucy In The Ground With Maggots
6) Midian
7) Evil Dead Warriors
8) All Saints Perish
9) Formaldehyde
10) Bleed Me
11) High Hopes
12) The Night (You Came Home)
13) The Wanderer
14) Trick Or Treat

Last October I reviewed More Creature Than Man, the sophomore EP from Telling Tasha (check out that review here). The band, consisting of sole member Evan Hill has knocked out a few EPs (2012’s Frankenstein Unplugged and the aforementioned More Creature Than Man) and a single, but has yet to release a full-length. Until now that is. Because of the review from last year, Hill recently reached out to me to see if I would be interested in taking a look at Corpse Blossom, the new album and first full-length album from Telling Tasha.

Right from the start with the instrumental intro 1987 you know you are about to be treated to a new style from the band, with an almost electronic presence. In addition, as opposed to More Creature Than Man which was entirely acoustic with just vocals and a guitar. Turn Up The Radio is the first “real” song on the album, and as should be expected by anyone who checked out the band’s previous works, it is catchy as hell. The introduction of more instruments gives Hill‘s style a little more substance. Blue Moon Killer starts with a spoken word riff on the classic tagline from the 1986 classic (and one of my personal favorite movies ever) Night Of The Creeps. The song itself is fun and catchy once again, and in my head all I could think was it was almost a spiritual sibling to Headcase by Murderland.

Once the completely awesomely titled Lucy In The Ground With Maggots hits, the listener should be fully assimilated with the style of the band. With Lucy the strongest part of the album hits as it may be the catchiest song on an album full of catchy songs. If you aren’t singing along to the main hook of “You’re a grave robbing son of a bitch” you may have no soul. Following up, Hill‘s tribute to Nightbreed entitled Midian is another great song and the one-two punch of Lucy and Midian are far and away the strongest and most fun tracks on the album. I’m not sure what it is about songs about this particular film that makes them almost instantly the most beloved and best tracks on their albums (look no further than Midian by Shadow Windhawk And The Morticians for further proof) but it works, and is always a treat for any listener.

Evil Dead Warriors begins with an almost techno feeling, before merging with the band’s signature sound, and while in theory this mix should not work, it somehow does. Things are slowed right back done with All Saints Perish before Formaldehyde picks the pace back up that carries through the next few songs. The Night (You Came Home) kicks off the last part of the album and I could certainly see this track becoming a favorite amongst fans, as it just seems like the perfect type of track to sit back and relax to, with a solid undercurrent of synth behind the guitar and vocals. The Wanderer tells a great story of someone travelling around aimlessly, who just also happens to have a penchant for murdering people, and stands out as the strongest track in the latter half of the album. Finally, everything wraps up with Trick Or Treat which is another fun track, although I am not sure how many people will be thrown off by the guttural almost death metal style vocals at the end, but kudos for trying something different, even if it is a rather odd way to close out the album.

With Corpse Blossom, Telling Tasha continues to establish their unique in the genre stylings, while also showing a level of growth that lets you know the band isn’t just resting on their laurels. Whether or not it helps break the band some new ground and a larger fan base remains to be seen, but if it does not, it certainly will not be for lack of trying.

Corpse Blossom is due for official release on October 31st as a digital download, as well as a limited run of 50 cassette tapes, which you can look into pre-ordering by checking out the band’s Official BandCamp page and be sure to check the band out on the Official Telling Tasha Facebook page.

Killer Track
Lucy In The Ground With Maggots

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