Stereo Terror: Sektor – Grave Danger!

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Burial Grounds
2) Scavenger (feat. Veela)
3) I Killed Him
4) Warlock
5) Darkness
6) Grave Danger!
7) Cyborg
8) Scream (feat. Veela)
9) Lost In Space (Tommy Creep Remix)

Running this site has exposed me to a lot of bands I may not have heard of otherwise. I’ve had bands from several countries all over the world reach out to me with regards to being featured on the site in one way or another. Generally speaking, it is 98% horrorpunk bands that I am contacted by. But every now and then, something a little different comes down the pipeline. Horrorpunk has always been the basis of this site, but any kind of media that is horror-based is fair game. So when I was contacted by Sektor, the new name of a one-man producer who used to go by the name Project Slime, I was intrigued enough to give it a shot. Over the nine tracks contained within, I was treated to a variety of horror based ambience with a strong base in electronic, and that oh so interesting genre of dub step.

The album begins with the eerie, yet somehow calming Burial Grounds. I could see this track even operating as an intro on any number of bands full on horrorpunk albums. Sektor uses a variety of different sounds that all mesh well together to give the listener an uneasy feeling before fading to silence and moving onto Scavenger one of the few tracks on the album featuring voices. This track has a very pronounced industrial vibe to it, and serves almost as the polar opposite of the intro track. It may just be me, but Scavenger reminded me of Wumpscut or similar bands in that vein. I Killed Him follows and continues with the industrial feel of the previous track, before Warlock begins with an old Charles Manson quote to set off an uneasy vibe to the track.

Darkness moves more towards an electronic vibe as opposed to the industrial feel many of the previous tracks contained. This continues through the title track and Cyborg before the album begins to wrap up with Scream, which features Veela who was also featured on Scavenger at the top of the album. The album closes with the track Lost In Space, which has been remixed by Tommy Creep, who most will know either from his work with the awesome Lupen Tooth or his solo work which is along the same lines as this album in many ways. It’s a good track to close the album, and it has a solid feel to it.

If you’re looking for something a little different, definitely give Sektor a try. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but throughout the album there are many times where the soundscape becomes exceptionally eerie, and sometimes with horror music that is really all you need. And I’d be remiss if I wasn’t to mention the awesome cover art. Definitely something that works perfectly for the music contained within, and arguably my favorite art I’ve seen this year on an album cover.

Grave Danger! was released this past weekend on Halloween and is now available to be checked out anytime at The Official Sektor Bandcamp page for the low price of £3. And stay up to date with all news Sektor on the Sektor Facebook page.

Killer Track
Scavenger (feat. Veela)

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