DeadTube: Rebel Flesh – Harvest

Rebel Flesh


Up All Night

We’ve previously covered Rebel Flesh here on the site (check out the Stereo Terror review of I Have Become The Night here) and now the band is back with a new album, Up All Night. And as is par for the course with a new album, a new music video has emerged to be featured on the good ol’ DeadTube. The band has released the new video for Harvest from the new album, which is also being featured in the new 80s throwback flick, The Barn. The video is obviously pretty awesome, but before we get to the goods, here is some info coming straight from the band itself!

Hailing from Austin, TX, the 80s inspired Punk/New Wave band, Rebel Flesh describe their sound as “Punk Rock from the dark side.” Citing influences such as the Ramones, TSOL, Misfits, the Dead Boys and The Plasmatics, the Rebels create infectious tunes that will leave you fist pumping for days. The band started in December of 2013. In February 2014, Rebel Flesh signed on with fledgling independent record label Midnight Jamboree and released their first album, I Have Become The Night that same year. Their second album, Up All Night is now available at

Harvest is the official song to the 80’s horror film The Barn by Nevermore Production Films – more info available at

So without further a due, here is the video for Harvest by the awesome Rebel Flesh!

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