Stereo Terror: Fantasmagoria – Descanso Eterno

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Muertos Vivientes
2) Peste Billiar
3) Una Noche Mas
4) Hartazgo En Una Esquina
5) Paralisis

One of the most beautiful things about music is how universal it can be at times. And this goes for the world of horrorpunk as well. In the past I have reviewed albums that have lyrics in a different language other than English, and today I am once again looking at an album where, without the help of the posted lyrics translated to English, I would likely have no idea what is being said. But great music is great music, regardless of what language may be used to sing the lyrics.

Fantasmagoria is a new horrorpunk band based out of Mexico, consisting of Luiz Zappa on vocals and 2nd guitar, Aaron Gonzalez on lead guitar, Tapi Garcia on drums and Maria Jose Garcia on bass. Descanso Eterno is the band’s first release, and it becomes apparent quite quickly upon first listen that the band was intent on making one hell of a first impression.

Starting with some guttural growling, the band kicks things into high gear right away with Muertos Vivientes. Featuring lyrics about undergoing the transformation to the living dead, the song is fast and heavy, wasting no time reaching through the speakers and kicking the listener’s ass. Opening with a killer bass line from Garcia, Peste Billiar hits a little slower, but due to the bass and drums the song ends up coming across as heavier than the opening track, as Zappa sings in his native tongue of all the problems humanity has wrought upon itself.

The band hits the midway point with the first single from the album, Una Noche Mas, which is catchy as all hell. It says something when I was bobbing my head to a song with lyrics sung in a language I don’t understand, doesn’t it? It is undoubtedly the strongest track on the album, and the perfect choice to release as a single. If you are wondering if this is something you could get into or not, Una Noche Mas is the track I recommend that you check out.

Of course, there are still two tracks to bang your head to, and Hartazgo En Una Esquina keeps runnifng with the upbeat feeling from the previous track, and is once again reaching out to punk fans everywhere with the feeling it unleashes. It just keeps the flow moving and is once again guaranteed to have you bouncing.

The album comes to a close with Paralisis, which at 4 minutes and 42 seconds serves as the Freebird of the demo. It actually starts with a solid minute of a bass and almost as if the band decided to shoot the shit for a little bit before the song actually really starts. It’s not bad by any means, but it does seem a little out of place, as if they were in a position to have a certain running time met and they threw it in at the beginning of the track to hit that. I’d say it would work better had it been thrown in as its own track “interlude” style, and put either as an intro to the album or even before or after Una Noche Mas but it doesn’t ruin anything by any means. Paralisis does serve as a good closing to the album, as it builds towards a more aggressive ending.

I was introduced to Fantasmagoria by bassist Maria Jose Garcia reaching out to me as it turns out she is a fan of The Deadhouse and our first discussion was with regards to women in the horrorpunk genre, and I have to say, as of late we are seeing a great uprising of female horrorpunks with Maria in Fantasmagoria, as well as Tomb Of Nick Cage featuring vocals from Melissa Crory (catch the Stereo Terror review of their debut EP here) or By The Graveyard Tree (who despite some recent lineup changes still features Thunderblades on bass and Natashferatu on vocals) who have been featured on both Stereo Terror here as well as a Deadhouse Interview with the former full lineup here. And of course there is Black Cat Attack fronted by the awesome Valerie Knox and you can check out the Stereo Terror reviews of Vamparty here and Bright Side Of The Moon here or the first They’re aLive! show review of BCA and Darrow Chemical Company here. So I have to say I am quite thrilled to see such a strong female presence in my favorite genre of music, and anything I can do to help bring more attention to these bands is something I am happy to do.

Despite featuring vocals in a language I don’t understand, I have to give the proper amount of credit to Fantasmagoria for creating a great album full of great horrorpunk music that kicks ass, despite the language barrier. You can now grab yourself a copy of Descanso Eterno on the band’s Official BandCamp page for that oh so beautiful and awesome “Name Your Price” option. As a reminder, each song on the BandCamp page features the lyrics to each song in both their native language as well as the English translation. Fantasmagoria is no doubt a band you will want to keep an eye on, as I see only great things in the future for this band. I can tell you I am looking forward to whatever the band decides to unleash upon us next, and you can stay up to date with them on their Official Facebook page as well!

Killer Track
Una Noche Mas

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