DeadTube: Evil Brain Taste – The Taste Of Evil Brains

Evil Brain Taste

The Taste Of Evil Brains

Dead Dead Bad

There is a good chance that something has been missing in your life, and I am here to let you know what exactly that is….. some Zombie Death Metal!

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Evil Brain Taste are a relatively newer band that focus on the heavier side of horrorpunk. Up until a few weeks ago, I had no idea of the band’s existence until I was contacted by one of the band members inquiring if I would have any interest in giving the band a shot. And I am glad they did, as I have spent a good chunk of time listening to the band over the past week. You can expect a new Stereo Terror review of their debut album, Dead Dead Bad, in the near future. But in an effort to satiate the fiendish hunger of the horror masses, I am happy to present the newest DeadTube edition, featuring the band’s video for The Taste Of Evil Brains, the lead single from the album. Included below are some words from the band regarding the filming of this awesome video, and of course, the video itself!

“In April of this year, Evil Brain Taste and the Redbit Productions team converged upon a decaying manor house in the rural heart of England. Previous exploratory visits had found the place abandoned, much abused, but still filled with signs of its previous occupants….this place used to be a school house, and it has a very dark history. Broken glass now covers every single floor, rooms are fully rotting, especially the library (still filled with thousands of rotting books), there are many outlying buildings and chemistry labs, a scum-filled swimming pool, and every accoutrement a zombie could wish for.

We had one day. We’d previously explorered the place and gotten friendly with the security guard and his two large dogs. We dropped a crate of beer off at the gates and set about frantically getting into costume whilst the Redbit guys (a team of about eight) set up. It was an unbelievably intense day, with two cameramen filming in separate locations across the manor to save time. The last scene was filmed in the library, we rushed to finish it as it got dark outside, set off a smoke bomb for the final shots and packed to leave.

The video is randomly in the finals of the Winchester Short Film Festival/Competition at the moment!”

Many thanks to Evil Brain Taste again for taking the time to discuss the video. Be sure to check out the band on their Official Facebook page, keep an eye out on here for the upcoming Stereo Terror review, and check out the video for The Taste Of Evil Brains below!


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