Stereo Terror: Evil Brain Taste – Dead Dead Bad

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Intro
2) Zombies Ate My Brains
3) Have You Ever Tasted Brains?
4) Candle Lit Shit
5) (Back From The Dead)
6) Hello I Want To Kill You
7) Those Whose Bodies Are Subject To Decay
8) Everything Decays
9) Rotting Fox
10) The Taste Remains
11) The Taste Of Evil Brains
12) Zombies
13) Never Forget The Taste

I haven’t really covered a lot of metal bands here on The Deadhouse. It’s not necessarily out of not being into metal, as I can appreciate a great metal album as well as anyone, but more so that most bands in the metal genre aren’t entirely devoted to the world of horror. Yes, many metal bands usually have some sort of ties to horror, but for me (and this could be just me) many of them don’t seem to have that devotion to horror like many of the bands featured on this site. Enter Evil Brain Taste. Hailing from the United Kingdom, this 4 piece band are self-proclaimed “zombie death metal”. I was recently contacted by the band to see if I would be interested in checking out their album and possibly doing a review. After watching their video for The Taste Of Evil Brains (check out the DeadTube article for the video here) I jumped at the opportunity. Within the week I came home to see a giant blood splattered envelope in my mailbox. Upon opening what I would call the best press pack I’ve ever received, I grabbed the CD out, quickly ripped it to my phone and indulged myself in the bands specific brand of audio carnage.

Beginning with the now pretty much standard instrumental intro, things kick into high gear with Zombies Ate My Brains. The song sets the stage for what to expect from the following 11 tracks with great guitar work, thunderous bass and in the words of the band themselves, “blast beats for all!” With Have You Ever Tasted The Brains the band also shows their darkly comedic side as they call any zombie’s favorite dish “such a rare treat”. With this track I felt in many ways as if I was listening to a spiritual successor to Macabre and their brand of serial killer metal, just about zombies instead.

As is pretty obvious by this point, most of the album is just heavy in-your-face metal singing about being a zombie and the desire of consuming brains, but the band does mix it up throughout the album so things don’t get too stale. A great, and fun example of this would be Hello I Want To Kill You which is, well, if you can’t tell by the name of the song, there is really no hope for you. Another standout track just due to the different feel of it is Those Whose Bodies Are Subject To Decay which moves a little slower, yet is still just as heavy as anything else on the album. At no point in the album does it ever feel like the breakneck pace and feel will derail, and right from Intro to the albums closer, Never Forget The Taste you never feel like something has been thrown in half-heartedly to increase the running time of the album.

If the aforementioned Macabre were to have undead relations with a band like Send More Paramedics, the result would likely be Evil Brain Taste. But the band takes the similarities between those bands and makes it their own. Another positive with EBT is that despite featuring hardcore/death metal style vocals, they are still relatively clear, allowing you to sink into the music and the stories the band is presenting. More often than not I’ve found that many bands of similar style take the “Cookie Monster” style vocals over the deep end and, for me at least, takes away from the effect of the music as a whole. But in the event you are still having some difficulty discerning the lyrics, you can check out all the lyrics from the album right here in the Horrorpunk Lyrics section of The Deadhouse!

I look forward to hearing whatever Evil Brain Taste comes up with next, and certainly hope that they will be a band that is long for this world, as there aren’t a lot of bands in the genre that mesh the horrorpunk and death metal styles to near perfection, so they are a refreshing change of pace when compared to so many bands that are intent on staying inside the box and end up sounding like many of their contemporaries.

Head on over and give the band a like on the Evil Brain Taste Facebook page and check out their Official Website where you can pick up a copy of Dead Dead Bad! The album is also available on all digital music stores like iTunes or Groove Music.

Killer Track
Those Whose Bodies Are Subject To Decay

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