Horrorpunk Crowdfunding Roundup

Welcome to the first edition of Horrorpunk Crowdfunding Roundup, a new feature that will run monthly or periodically, depending on the need for it. This new feature will highlight dif ferent bands within the genre who are currently running campaigns to establish new projects that will likely end up being featured here on the site! We start this new feature with two exciting projects that are in the midst of their campaigns. First there is Deadhouse favorites and one of the earliest supporters of the site, Shadow Windhawk And The Morticians, as well as the long-awaited return of Mister Monster! Click on for more information on both campaigns!

Starting with Salt Lake City based horrorpunk extraordinaire (seriously, the amount of projects and great music coming from this guy is incredible) Shadow Windhawk, who is currently running a campaign on IndieGoGo to help fund the new Shadow Windhawk And The Morticians album, entitled Cremation Garden. The campaign is also attempting to raise funds for the making of a music video of 1428, the Nightmare On Elm Street inspired song from their first album, Casket Spray, which will be dedicated to the memory of the late, great Wes Craven.

The Shadow Windhawk And The Morticians IndieGoGo campaign is offering some insanely great perks, ranging from t-shirts and hoodies to Shadow Windhawk himself recording a song of your choice dedicated to you or a loved one. One of the coolest perks is an actual replica of the Shadow Windhawk scarecrow mask that the man himself wears during live performances.

So be sure to head over to the Shadow Windhawk And The Morticians Cremation Garden IndieGoGo to support the creation of the new album and video! As of this writing there are 32 days left in the campaign, and it has already raised 42% of the $7000 goal.

Moving on to another great crowdfunding opportunity in our beloved genre, is the long-awaited return of Mister Monster with a brand new line-up. The band is looking to the fans to help fund Life At The End Of October, their first new album in over a decade!

The new band, consisting of vocalist/guitarist and original member Jason Trioxin (who has played with everyone from Blitzkid to Wednesday 13), guitarist/backup vocalist Emilio Menze (from Stellar Corpses), bassist/backup vocalist Arygle Goolsby (of Blitzkid, and obviously Argyle Goolsby And The Roving Midnight) and drummer DT Graves (of The Cryptkeeper Five) is essentially a who’s who of the horrorpunk genre, so the excitement surrounding the project is quite obviously very high.

The band is offering perks ranging from signed copies of the new record with exclusive tracks to Mister Monster Skeleton Crew coffin skateboard decks!

Be sure to head over to the Mister Monster Life At The End Of October IndieGoGo to support the creation of the band’s first new album in over a decade! As of this writing the project is currently 53% funded towards their $7000 goal.

Quite obviously the goal of this new feature is to help raise awareness and bring new eyes to these campaigns. If you are in a horrorpunk band and have a crowdfunding campaign or will be launching one soon, be sure to reach out to me at MisterGore@outlook.com to be featured on a future edition of the Horrorpunk Crowdfunding Roundup!

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