Stereo Terror: Rebel Flesh – Up All Night

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Sacrifice
2) Family Business
3) Harvest
4) Every Night
5) Rhythm Quakes
6) Dying Time
7) Until The End
8) Dead Red Lips
9) Grave Hungry
10) Unholy Night
11) She Wants It All
12) Angeldance
13) Donkey Lady
14) Killing In Style

It doesn’t seem that long ago that Austin, Texas based horrorpunks Rebel Flesh released their first album, I Have Become The Night, but time has passed us all by, but the band is back with their sophomore effort, Up All Night. The band recently released the first single from the album, Harvest (which you can check out as a recent DeadTube entry) as it is the official song to the new 80s throwback horror flick, The Barn. But one song does not make an album, and the question remains is how the band would avoid the dreaded sophomore slump.

Wasting no time at all, Sacrifice lets fans of the band’s previous work know that the band isn’t planning on changing their sound, but instead honing what brought them to the dance in the first place. By the time you get to the band singing about The Texas Chain Saw Massacre in Family Business, you realize that Up All Night is essentially an expansion to the band’s first album. Don’t take this as a slight at all either. The band knows what they do best, and much of Up All Night is the band perfecting the sound they established with I Have Become The Night.

As the album progresses, the band does shake things up, but it never veers far from their signature sound. Until The End is a lighter track when compared to many of the others, likely the closest the band would ever get to a ballad. Another standout track on the second half of the album is Grave Hungry, undoubtedly the most adventurous track in terms of sounding different. It works fantastically though, and seemingly kicks the last third of the album off on a high note. As the album comes to a close, Donkey Lady is a fun track, as I’m sure most will guess from the name of it. The album closes with one of, if not the, strongest tracks on the album, Killing In Style. The band certainly knew that they wanted to leave the listener wanting more at the end of the album, and chose perfectly. I could see this track becoming a live favorite if the band were to incorporate it into their set lists.

Rebel Flesh are a band that know exactly how they want their music to come across to listeners, and execute that vision flawlessly. From start to end on Up All Night there is not a single track that you will want to skip over. To accomplish that on an album that contains 14 different songs, that is quite the feat. Up All Night continues to establish Rebel Flesh as a solid force in today’s horrorpunk genre, and I continue to look forward to whatever the band comes up with next. Be sure to check out the band’s Official Facebook page and check out their Official Website!

Killer Track
Family Business

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