Small Screen Shivers: Ash Vs. Evil Dead Episode Seven “Fire In The Hole”

Directed By
Michael Hurst

Written By
Sean Clements
Dominic Dierkes
Ivan Raimi

Bruce Campbell
Ray Santiago
Dana DeLorenzo
Jill Marie Jones
Lucy Lawless

After a bit of a mid-season lull with Brujo and The Host, Ash Vs. Evil Dead came out swinging once again with The Killer Of Killers. Continuing on the momentum from the prior episode, Fire In The Hole wastes no time getting down and dirty.

The episode begins with Ash (Bruce Campbell), Pablo (Ray Santiago), Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) and the newest addition to their little group of Deadite slayers, Detective Fisher (Jill Marie Jones), wondering through a forest looking for Lem (guest star Peter Feeney) and his militia to stock up on weapons for their return to the cabin. They soon hear a voice, and discover a member of the militia laying next to a disemboweled half corpse. As they try to figure out how to help the poor guy, he gets his head blown up by a bullet from the remaining militia members.

Our heroes are taken in and stripped of their weapons by the militia, led by a man named Crosby (guest star Mark Mitchinson, arguably best known for playing Braga in The Hobbit films). As we saw in the last episode, Lem has become a Deadite, and evidently a very powerful one at that. When he first arrived at the compound the militia believed he had just started drinking again, as was hinted at in The Killer Of Killers. Of course, they soon realized that something else was at play when he started tearing people apart.

One of the militia members recognizes Fisher as a cop, turning the crazed guys with guns (don’t we all love those type of people) against the group. During an attack by Lem, Pablo and Kelly are able to slip away in the mayhem, while Ash and Fisher are handcuffed to each other and thrown into a basement where Lem just happens to be.

Meanwhile, back at the Brujos, Ruby (Lucy Lawless) rises from the ashes of the fire pyre, completely in the nude Terminator style. Where she ends up getting clothes and how she gets back to her car are never explained, but hey, we are watching a show about Kandarian demons possessing people.

Back at the camp, Pablo and Kelly outsmart some of the survivalists and save Ash and Fisher, just as it looks like they are going to share the tender moment that Ash has been waiting for since he first noticed her cleavage. In Ash’s words, “I would destroy you in the best possible way” Finally, as the group prepares to head to the cabin, Ash disappears, likely as he doesn’t want to risk the lives of his friends. The episode ends with a shot of the cabin, as we see Ash’s hand making its way to the front door.

Given that this episode revolves around survivalists, there is quite a bit of action. Once again, Michael Hurst directs one of the more exciting episodes of the show. The writing credits for this episode are attributed to a trio as opposed to a single writer. Sean Clements returns for his second run as he wrote another of the standout episodes of the show, Books From Beyond. He is joined by another veteran of Workaholics, Dominic Dierkes. Rounding out the trio is Ivan Raimi, brother of Sam and frequent writing partner who has worked on everything from Darkman and Army Of Darkness to Spider-Man 3 and Drag Me To Hell. The trio certainly work well together and give us one of the more fun episodes of not only Ash Vs. Evil Dead, but of any television show this year.

There are only three episodes left in the inaugural season, and based on the end of Fire In The Hole, we are going to be visiting that iconic cabin sooner rather than later. And I don’t know about you, but I personally can’t wait!

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