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Kitty In A Casket

Sticks & Stones

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I don’t feel like a big introduction is necessary here, as I am willing to bet nearly anyone who visits this site is already familiar with Kitty In A Casket, undoubtedly the best thing to come out of Austria since some guy who ended up playing The Terminator. In the event that you are for some reason unfamiliar with the band, check out some info below ripped straight from the band’s Official Facebook page.

Kitty in a Casket is a female-fronted Austrian punk rock/rock´n´roll band from Vienna formed in 2008. The band consists of vocalist Kitty Casket, guitarists Billy the Bat and Todd Flash, bassist Tom Mooner and drummer Max van Angst. Their sound can be described as a combination of the typical ‘in your face’ punk rock sound, rock’n’roll riffs and spooky but fun lyrics.

The band released their first full-length studio album ‘Horror Express’ in 2009, followed by their four track sold-out EP ‘HalloWien’ soon after. In 2011 they released their 2nd album ‘Back to Thrill’. The band’s third studio album ‘Bittersweet’ was released on Better Than Hell Records in the spring of 2013 in both Europe and the USA, proving an international success.

The upcoming 4th studio album will be released worldwide in cooperation with renowned German record label Rodeostar/SPV. The tagline ‘Punk Rock, Lady Style’ is probably the best way of describing the sound, energy and soul of the new record.

Kitty in a Casket have been touring around Europe in support of their albums playing club shows and major festivals such as the ‘WGT – Wave Gotik Treffen’ and ‘Back to Future’ in Germany, ‘Nova Rock’ in Austria, ‘Psychobilly Meeting’ in Spain, ‘Fiesta du Rock’ and ‘Sjock’ in Belgium, ‘Warhead Fest’ in Poland, ‘Club Sin’ in Finland and ‘Pod Parou’ in the Czech Republic, to name a few. They have also shared the stage with The Exploited, The Other, Betontod, Die Kassierer, Dead Kennedys, The Bones, Guana Batz, Mad Sin, and many more. The band also embarked on a 5-week US Tour in the summer of 2013 promoting ‘Bittersweet’ overseas by playing 27 concerts across the States and will return for a West Coast Tour in September 2016.

To build anticipation for the band’s forthcoming 4th full-length album, the band has chosen the single Sticks & Stones and released the new video below, featuring the band, fronted by the lovely Kitty Casket alternately being somewhat of an angel in white with alternating cuts of being covered in blood Carrie-style. Kitty is not the only one who gets doused in blood during the clip, as she is backed by guitarists and backing vocalists Billy The Bat and Todd Flash, bassist Tom Mooner and drummer Max Van Angst. Intercut with scenes of Kitty and a intended victim tied to a chair, it’s safe to say we will see more blood than that covering the band in the performance scenes.

But enough talk, check out the video below, grab the single on iTunes or Amazon, check out the band’s Official Website where you can find information on a new novel tie-in with the new album, and pre-order Kiss & Hell from iTunes or Amazon! And you can be sure once I am able to get my hands on a copy that there will be a Stereo Terror review for the full album!

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