Stereo Terror: The Tomb Of Nick Cage and Jason & The Kruegers – Under The Wolf Moon

Release Date

Track Listing
1) The Tomb Of Nick Cage and Jason & The KruegersThe Colony: Burn It Down
2) The Tomb Of Nick CageYour Sister Is A Werewolf
3) Jason & The Kruegers Jerboa
4) Jason & The Kruegers We’re All In Fear
5) The Tomb Of Nick CageChalk Marks

How’s this for an idea? An EP length concept based split between two horrorpunk bands. Not exactly something that you come across on a daily basis, that’s for sure. But thanks to The Tomb Of Nick Cage and Jason & The Kruegers, this rather out there idea has become a reality. Under The Wolf Moon bases itself around the 1981 classic horror film, The Howling, which itself was loosely based on the 1977 Gary Brandner novel of the same name (check out our Bloodsoaked Pages review here). Going into this intriguing little slice of horrorpunk, I wasn’t entirely sure to expect. While I have already become familiar with The Tomb Of Nick Cage (check out the Stereo Terror review of their debut album here), I can safely say that my knowledge and exposure of Jason & The Kruegers is limited at best. I’ve actually heard about the band quite some time ago but had sadly never gotten around to sitting down and checking the band out in depth, making Under The Wolf Moon my first real experience with the band. It certainly makes for an interesting listen when you are familiar with essentially 50% of what the album is bringing to the table.

Under The Wolf Moon begins with a track that features both bands collaborating together. The Colony: Burn It Down mixes the vocals from The Tomb Of Nick Cage‘s Kym Trailz perfectly with those of Johnny Boogiddy of Jason & The Kruegers together to form one killer tune. Opening the album with the track that both bands worked on together was a wise decision, as not only is it the strongest track on the split, but it also serves as an introduction to both bands right off the hop for new listeners. Your Sister Is A Werewolf is the first solo song on the album, and comes courtesy of The Tomb Of Nick Cage. If you are already familiar with the band, it continues the same style the band established on their debut album.

Jerboa comes to us from Jason & The Kruegers and is a solid track of straight-ahead horrorpunk. Without a doubt, the vocals are the strong point from the band full of Johnnys (seriously, every band member is named Johnny) hailing from Lafayette, Louisiana. As solid and fun as Jerboa is, the band immediately one-ups it with We’re All In Fear. In terms of the one-band tracks on the album, We’re All In Fear is undoubtedly the strongest track. To be honest, during my listening I wasn’t completely sold on the band until I heard the track. It is the track that will keep me interested in the band going forward.

The album closes with the second track from The Tomb Of Nick Cage, entitled Chalk Marks. It serves as a great closing to the album, and it shows some growth and change in the sound of the band. I feel like Chalk Marks almost comes across as the track that will likely bridge their debut album and whatever comes in the future as their second album.

With Under The Wolf Moon, both The Tomb Of Nick Cage and Jason & The Kruegers cement themselves as two bands with a bright future and a true love of the horrorpunk genre. As I mentioned already, going in I was familiar and a fan of The Tomb Of Nick Cage, but I walked away from this 5 track EP as an even bigger fan, in addition to becoming a fan of their comrades Jason & The Kruegers. I really can’t recommend checking both bands out, and what better way to start than with this split?

You can grab your copy of Under The Wolf Moon at the Jason & The Kruegers CDBaby shop, as well as keep up to date on all things about the bands by liking the bands on their official Facebook pages. Check out The Tomb Of Nick Cage‘s Facebook here and Jason & The Kruegers Facebook page here.

Killer Track
The Colony: Burn It Down

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