Bloodsoaked Pages: Ace Antonio Hall – The Confessions Of Sylva Slasher

Release Year

Montag Press

If you have ever been in search of a book that wastes absolutely no time getting down and dirty, and continues that way throughout its entire duration….I have the book for you. With The Confessions Of Sylva Slasher author Ace Antonio Hall immerses himself into the young adult horror genre with one hell of a debut. Serving almost like an alternate universe to beloved genre works like Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Angel, Hall has created a character with Sylva Slasher that could very easily build itself into a franchise.

The story is rather basic with many twists. Sylva Fleischer has the ability to raise the dead for families and others to receive a chance to say their final goodbyes, or whatever else they feel the need to do with their recently deceased loved ones. After some prodding from her best friend Emily and her boyfriend Flip, Sylva is tasked with bringing back the recently passed husband of an author famous for her “Twilight” style novels. Sylva has been in a bad tailspin and depression since losing the love of her life Brandon a few years prior. Of course, this is a horror novel, and not far into the book all hell breaks loose, involving vampires and zombies looking to eat anything that gets in their path.

Throughout the story, the direction changes frequently ensuring that you are never able to guess what is going to come next. In fact, every time I thought I had an idea of what was going to come next, Hall throws a wrench into your assumptions and moves everything into a different style. Perhaps the best compliment I can give to The Confessions Of Sylva Slasher is that it would make an incredible miniseries or movie. With the right director and cast, as well as having everything overseen by the author Ace Antonio Hall, Sylva Slasher could be an incredible experience to view on the screen, big or small. As you read the book, there are many times that it feels like Hall wrote with the intention of allowing the reader to visualize everything in the form of a TV show or film.

The hardest part about this review to me is trying to explain how Hall moves the story in different directions, without spoiling anything. It wouldn’t be fair to potential readers to give anything away, as you truly need to experience the story and where it goes for yourself. To not spoil anything, Hall takes the story to a place in the end that leaves the door open for further adventures of the titular character, and I for one anxiously anticipate the opportunity to become reacquainted with not only Sylva, but many of the characters around her that help build the story. You simply need to experience The Confessions Of Sylva Slasher for yourself.

This review is based upon an eBook copy provided by the author for review. You can get a copy for yourself from The Deadhouse Store which will support not only the author but this site as well. The book is available in both eBook and Paperback formats!

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