DeadTube: The Casket Creatures – GKMF

The Casket Creatures


She Screams EP

WARNING: This video is extremely NSFW!

Longtime readers of The Deadhouse are surely familiar with Gainesville, GA horrorpunks The Casket Creatures. The band’s 2013 release Sex, Blood & Rock N’ Roll was one of the very first Stereo Terror
reviews ever featured on the site
. We also featured yet another Stereo Terror review for their 2014 EP She Screams, which spawned the absolutely insane video for Zombie Werewolves From Outer Space, which was featured as one of the first DeadTube features on the site.
So it’s pretty to safe that The Casket Creatures are a favorite here in The Deadhouse.

As 2016 rolls along, The Casket Creatures are gearing up to release their new album, Deranged in April 2016. So what better time to go back and take a look at the other video that was spawned out of She Screams, the opening track GKMF. As for what that stands for, I’ll allow you all to find out for yourselves with the song and video. The video features the band performing some ritualistic style murders, until things get turned around on them. Chock full of over the top violence and gore, there is a hell of a lot to love about this video. So without further ado, check out the video below!

Make sure to head over to The Casket Creatures Facebook page and give them a Like if you haven’t already, and get the details on pre-ordering the new album, and be sure to check out everything in the band’s back catalogue. I guarantee you will not be disappointed in any way!

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