Deadhouse Interview: Willie “Wolfbite” Hatton-Ward

Here at The Deadhouse we are always looking for new horror. Whether it be our main focus on horrorpunk music, or horror movies, books, comics, video games. You can never have enough horror in your life! As evidenced by our recent Stereo Terror review of Zombies Love Punk Rock by Salt Lake City horrorpunks Zombiecock, we have clearly become fans of the band. So when the opportunity came to have a chat with Willie “Wolfbite” Hatton-Ward from the band, we jumped at the opportunity. So check out our chat below, and be sure to check out “Wolfbite” in both Zombiecock and Shadow Windhawk And The Morticians!

The Deadhouse: Who are you?

Willie “Wolfbite” Hatton-Ward: My name is Willie “Wolfbite” Hatton-Ward, and I play bass and vocals for Salt Lake City’s own Zombiecock, and I play bass for Salt Lake horrorpunk band Shadow Windhawk And The Morticians!

DH: What is your current project?

Wolfbite: As of now both bands have finished recording and mixing tracks for their new upcoming albums, the dates of their release have yet to be determined but the Zombiecock self-titled album will drop this summer.

DH: What first got you interested in the horror genre as a whole?

Wolfbite: Well for myself everything horror has always fascinated me. The feeling of being scared is such a thrill to me, and be it a classic horror movie or going and fucking around at some haunted house with my friends when I was a kid was always a blast. The movie that made me fall in love with horror and the supernatural though was Interview With The Vampire….it’s perfect.

DH: What are some of your favorite horrorpunk bands?

Wolfbite: My favorite horrorpunk band by far is Blitzkid. TB and Goolsby are incredible musicians and just flat out entertaining. I’m a big fan of the Misfits, of course both eras kick ass in my opinion. Calabrese, Stellar Corpses have some killer licks, and I’ve always liked The Other. Zombiecock recently had the chance to open up for them and seeing them perform live was incredible, and they are some of the nicest guys I’ve ever met and they love to drink beer!

DH: What about bands that don’t fall under the horrorpunk umbrella?

Wolfbite: I’m a sucker for heavy and fast riffs with a melodic chorus and harmonies that get stuck in your head, so naturally Haste The Day is one of my all-time faves. I’ll listen to Dethklok on Monday and some James Brown on Tuesday. If it’s a well-written song, I’ll jam it.

DH: What are some of your favorite horror movies?

Wolfbite: The ones that stick out in mind the most are the ones that scared me when I was a kid. The original Night Of The Living Dead and the Dawn Of The Dead remake really scared the shit out of me, and it’s certainly why I have an obsession with zombies. Bram Stoker’s Dracula was so terrifying to me when I was younger that I had to sleep in my parent’s room for weeks afterwards so that one holds a special place in my nightmares. And the original Amityville Horror really did a number on me too. It’s crazy to think how god damn scary those movies were when I was a kid.

DH: What are some of your favorite non-horror movies?

Wolfbite: Predator. Carl Weathers is a legend.

DH: How did you guys come up with the amazingly awesome band name of Zombiecock?

Wolfbite: Well, it’s a weird story…. So we wanted to incorporate the undead in our title somehow and we were at a loss completely. One of our good friends mentioned “why don’t you guys just name your band after a big ole dick?”. Jokingly of course, but for some reason it kind of stuck with and somehow out of that we got Zombiecock…. Our friends have a strange sense of humor.

DH: Salt Lake City doesn’t seem like a hotbed for the horror genre, but both Zombiecock and Shadow Windhawk And The Morticians have been breaking out of the city. Was there a certain moment that led to the decision to pursure horrorpunk with the band?

Wolfbite: Salt Lake City is full of every genre of every type of band you could think of, talented or not. It’s reached a point of over-saturation in a way that it has a lot of the music scene goes just really not give a shit about locals and what they do with their music. You really have to make sure you have the skills and make people remember your live performance if you want to stand out from the rest, and with that….once the people realize what you’re all about the music scene in SLC is quite amazing in a few different ways. Earning the rest of the people who go to your shows and buy your music is what I’ve come to value and horrorpunk is a standout alone and we just what it’s all about.

DH: What do you have planned for horror fans in the future?

Wolfbite: Speaking just for myself, when I writ a Zombiecock song I tend to lean more towards video games in horror than movies. So if you’re a fan of Resident Evil, Castlevania, The Legacy Of Cain and Silent Hill then we will have some nice treats for them in our coming music.

DH: And finally, free reign, anything at all that you would like to share with readers of the site, have at it!

Wolfbite: Just to say thank to everyone for their support! Everyone in the horror community is incredible and they are some of the most loyal fans around. They just need to know that they are appreciated and that without them none of this would even be possible!

Stay creepy everyone, much love!


I want to thank Wolfbite once again for taking the time to speak with me for this interview. Be sure to check out both Zombiecock and Shadow Windhawk And The Morticians for more of Wolfbite, and you can be damned sure that once the new albums from both bands drop that there will be some coverage here on The Deadhouse! Until next time, Long Live The Horror!

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