Stereo Terror: Dented Halos – Ridin’ With The Devil

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Devil In A Cadillac
2) Time To Kill
3) Never Sleep Again
4) Weirdo
5) The Girl Who Lost Her Head
6) Crazy World
7) Crop Circle Disco
8) Voodoo Thing
9) Little Red Riding Hood
10) Death Trip

Hailing from Windsor, Ontario, Dented Halos are a band I certainly should have heard of or know about. Hell, they are based out of a city that is only a two hour drive from The Deadhouse. But up until I was recently contacted by the band asking if I would check out their album, Ridin’ With The Devil, I had never actually heard of them. As I checked out the album on the Dented Halos BandCamp page I noticed something a little off. The release date for Ridin’ With The Devil is listed as 2012. Normally when a band reaches out to The Deadhouse it is with regards to an album either about to be released or recently released. As I investigated the band a little further, it appears shortly after the initial release of Ridin’ With The Devil the band seemed to take a hiatus of sorts, from which they have recently resumed activity. So, despite being 4 years old, it is still the most recent output from the band, so let’s find out if it is worth checking out, shall we?

Opening with Devil In A Cadillac, we are introduced to Dented Halos and their particular brand of horror-based music. While most bands covered here on The Deadhouse lean heavily towards the horrorpunk side of things, the Dented Halos choose to present a more psychobilly, or horrorbilly, style of music. Being that I am personally not a fan of the psycho/horrorbilly I did my best to go into the album with an open mind. And while the first listen or two didn’t immediately grab me, the more I listened the more the band and their particular sound, punctuated by the rough sounding vocals of guitarist and vocalist Bobby Strange. Devil In A Cadillac is an incredible opening track, while Time To Kill is destined for singalongs. The band’s tribute to Freddy Krueger and the Nightmare On Elm Street movies, Never Sleep Again (which has to be the most overused song title for Freddy tribute tracks) tears it up.

Weirdo absolutely blasts out of nowhere, as one of the catchiest songs and undoubtedly the strongest track on the album. It’s not very often you will find me repeatedly blasting a psychobilly tune that isn’t Kitty In A Casket or Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space, but Weirdo has made its way into my playlists. The only downside is, with the exception of Crop Circle Disco a little later in the album, it is the shortest track. But the band packs some of their best work into the 2:52 running time. The latter half of the album continues to build upon the foundation started in the first half, with highlights being the awesome The Girl Who Lost Her Head and the closing track Death Trip.

I did my best to come into this album with an open mind, and I am glad that I did. While the style isn’t necessarily my preference, Dented Halos have delivered an album that, while not perfect, is a damn good time from beginning to finish. I can say with certainty now that I look forward to what the reunited band is able to come up with, and given their home base being local to The Deadhouse, hopefully I will be seeing the band at some point, and they can take a rightful place in the genre we all know and love.

Make sure to head over to the Official Dented Halos Facebook page and give them a like, and head over to the Dented Halos BandCamp page and grab yourself a copy of Ridin’ With The Devil. It’s provided with the always awesome “Name Your Price” option, so you really have no reason not to!

Killer Track

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