Deadhouse Interview: Wolfman Chuck

I’ve certainly made no secret of my admiration and fandom of the always great and entertaining Wolfman Chuck around these parts. Back in 2014 I reviewed his album Bitch Boy (find the Stereo Terror review here) and just recently looked at one of his many splits, in this particular case it was his album with Robb Goblin and Afterlife Love Machine (find that Stereo Terror review here). At times it feels like the man never stops and is constantly working on something, including his new project Wolfman Chuck And The Brimstone Boys. So getting the Wolfman to take some time out of his extremely busy schedule is quite the feat, and I am incredibly thankful that he took some time to speak with me on a number of topics. So without further a due, I am proud to present the newest Deadhouse Interview with the one and only Wolfman Chuck!

The Deadhouse: Who are you?
Wolfman Chuck: The Dark Duke of Uke…..Wolfman Chuck.

What is your current project?
Well, at the moment I have two. “Wolfman Chuck and the Spookalele of Doom” and “Wolfman and the Brimstone Boys”. They are both current. In Wolfman and the Brimstone Boys we perform originals and a lot of the “Spookalele” songs as a “full” band.

When and how did you first discover the horrorpunk genre?
When I realized there was a name coined for the music I was listening to *laughs*. I always listened to bands like everyone else in the genre….like Misfits, Automatons, Zombeast, Ghoultown, PAIN!, etc….

What are some of your favorite bands in the genre?
Bands I mentioned before….Misfits, Automatons, Zombeast, Ghoultown, PAIN!…. I also dig a lot of the newer bands such as Die Ghost, Nightmare Sonata, Epitaph Romance, RATBATSPIDER, Shadow Windhawk, Savage Remains and La Basura del Diablo…and many more actually.

How about bands outside of the genre?
I’m a metal head at heart and always loved how it fuses with horror. With that being said, I love Impaler!!!! I suggest if you live under a rock and never heard of them, well, now’s the time! Oh, also Jason & The Kruegers and MANOWAR!!!

What are some of your favorite horror movies?
The Stuff, Curse Of The Werewolf, The Wolfman (new and old), Bad Moon, The Last House On The Left (1972), The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974), Dead Alive…..too many to name.

How about non-horror movies?
Willow. Huge fan of that movie. The Warriors. Also, I like all the Alien and Predator movies.

Obviously Wolfman Chuck And The Spookalele Of Doom is a marked departure from most standard horrorpunk fare. How did you come about the idea of mixing ukulele based music with horrorpunk?
I can’t play anything else! *laughs* I mean I can dabble on guitar and bass but the Ukulele is my skill set. Also I dig horror so it just came to be. I feel I got pushed into the Horrorpunk genre cause of the horror themed tunes. Yet I feel it has more of a fucked up Folk aspect to it cause of the uke…. When it comes down to it, it’s in the horror music family. It can be called whatever. I do what I do for me, if others like it then that’s fucking killer! Glad you dig it!!! As my fans and haters know by now, I like to push the envelope on my lyrics. I really don’t beat around the bush about my themes. I like to take a subject and tell it like it is as raw as I can. You will hear in my tunes that sometimes I may have one about zombies and other spookies *laughs*. But I mainly write my songs about real monsters. Human beings….. the real monsters.

Recently you started the Wolfman Chuck Meets series, allowing you to use your recognition within the community to help expose new bands that haven’t had the opportunity to necessarily get their name out there. How did this whole series come to be?
Vague Perception, a local bands from RI has been around since the 80’s rocking out, and I always wanted to make a split with them, so I made it happen. Then I got this idea to do more splits while listening to underground bands I liked. So next up came SEPO from CA. After that split I just ran with it. Wanting to get these bands I really liked to be heard more. It just turned itself into a series. I feel like it’s an Abbott and Costello Meets.

What can horror fans expect from Wolfman Chuck in the future?
Not stopping doing what I do. There will be a third Spookalele album and more Wolfman and the Brimestone Boys terror to let loose!

Finally, free reign. Anything you would like to share with fans and readers of the site?
Just a shout out to the WOLFPACK and BRIMSTONE BOYS!!! They know who they are!!! Thanks for all the support. We got each other’s backs. Also, if anyone read this and is interested in my musical semen seeping in your ear canal, then check out these links –

And of course you can find me on Facebook.

I want to thank Wolfman Chuck once again for taking the time to talk with the site and taking the time out of his busy schedule to do so.

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