Stereo Terror: Raizing Hell – Monsters Prefer Blondes

Release Year

Track Listing
1) I Like It Wrong
2) Sold My Soul For Rock ‘N’ Roll
3) I Am The Damned
4) Time Of The Killer Flies
5) This Is IT
6) The Sun Is Down
7) Dead Girls Don’t Cry
8) Trouble
9) I’m Not A Monster
10) I’m Not Evil (I’m Just Bad)
11) Braindead
12) Killing Time
13) Monsters Prefer Blondes

Everyone’s favorite female fronted horrorpunk band from Bucharest is back with a new album! You may recall Raizing Hell from our previous Stereo Terror review of their debut album Of Ghouls And Men. Fast forward a couple of years and the band is back with their follow-up album, Monsters Prefer Blondes. So are we in for another slice of some great female vocal led horrorpunk?

Right from the initial drum beat and guitar riff, I Like It Wrong kicks the album off with a bang, letting you know that the band knows what brought them to the table, and they have no intentions of straying too far from that working formula. Much like the songs on Of Ghouls And Men, the band is anchored by the vocal style of front woman/guitarist Liv Decay. That isn’t to take away from the contributions of the rest of the band, which includes second guitarist Mr. Zombie, bassist Mike and drummer Damian Thorn. It is more a commendation to the fact that female fronted bands in the horrorpunk genre that aren’t psychobilly influenced are an incredibly rare breed (the only other band that comes to mind off the top of my head is Black Cat Attack) and the band clearly recognizes this and uses it to their advantage.

With Sold My Soul For Rock ‘N’ Roll you can almost hear the snarl on Decay‘s face as she growls through he verses. I Am The Damned slows the proceedings down, but in a way that doesn’t halt the momentum the band has been building throughout the early part of the album.

Hurtling towards the middle part of the album comes a one-two punch of contenders for strongest track on the album, beginning with the epic Time Of The Killer Flies. I’m hard pressed to put my finger on what exactly makes the track stand out, but you get the feeling that everything just clicks for the band on every level. Following up Killer Flies is the band’s ode to the Stephen King classic (and one of my personal favorite novels ever) IT. Anytime you get a track about the Losers and their battles with Pennywise you know you’re in for a good time, and This Is IT does not disappoint.

Things slow down again and the band taps into an almost western vibe with The Sun Is Down. I don’t ways like comparing one bands work to another, but this song almost feels like what would happen if Ghoultown were fronted by female vocals, and I mean that in the best way possible.

Dead Girls Don’t Cry serves as a great morbid ballad that highlights the middle of the album and serves as a perfect way to connect the early highlights of the album with the latter half. Trouble has a different vibe to it and is the slowest track thus far. I’m Not A Monster is without a doubt a track built for live shows and crowd sing alongs. With I’m Not Evil (I’m Just Bad) serving like a direct continuation of the previous track it keeps the album moving towards the end with Braindead and Killing Time being two more fast and rocking tunes. The album closes with the title track, and it serves well as a close to the album. It’s not the strongest track on the album by any means, but it keeps the momentum of the rest of the album and is good enough to leave you wanting more. And as I’ve mentioned in many of my reviews, an album closer should attempt to fit in with the rest of the album while leaving the listener excited for the possibility of what any given band can present as a follow-up.

Monsters Prefer Blondes may not necessarily win any best album of the year awards, but in a year that has seen some stellar releases in the horrorpunk genre, Raizing Hell stand tall amongst their contemporaries and hit pretty much all the right notes with Monsters Prefer Blondes.

You can grab a copy of Monsters Prefer Blondes at the Official Undead Artists BandCamp page and make sure to give the band a Like on their Facebook page as well!

Killer Track
This Is IT

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