Stereo Terror: Zombiecock – Zombiecock

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Undead Anthem (Intro)
2) In The Attic
3) Feel The Hate
4) Wasted
5) Your Own Demons
6) Nighthawk
7) Useless Soul
8) Sharpened Teeth

At the beginning of this year, I reviewed an album by a band that may have the best moniker in the entire genre, that of course being Zombies Love Punk Rock by SLC horrorpunks Zombiecock. If you missed it, you can check the review out here. The band has now returned with their follow-up album, leaving it quite simply as a self-titled release.

One thing I can say right off the hop is that the energy brought forth on Zombies Love Punk Rock is here in full force, and has somehow become even more infectious. The band begins the album as most bands within the genre do, featuring a sample of the legendary quote from Ken Foree in the original Dawn Of The Dead, Undead Anthem (Intro) does what it needs to, building and building up to lead into the rest of the album. In The Attic lays out a fast rhythm that helps spotlight the vocals from front man and bassist Willie “Wolfbite” Hatton-Ward. Feel The Hate is a straight-forward punk number that feels like it has been built up to become a staple in the band’s live set. I just cannot see the song inciting crowd singalongs.

Wasted may not seem like very much of a horror-based song, but rather an old-school punk number, which nonetheless fits into the flow of the album, and again, the energy and catchiness reach maximum levels. The melody in the bridge towards the end of the song is one of the more refreshing components to a song that I have heard this year. Your Own Demons is a song where we really get to feel the contributions from the rest of the band, specifically Nic Battad behind the drum kit. We also get some solid guitar work from the guitarist team of Ryan Davies and Alex Hansen, both of whom also contribute backing “vokills” to the album.

Nighthawk kicks off the closing part of the album, as just like with Zombies Love Punk Rock, we are only treated to a small amount of tracks, in this case being eight, or seven if you don’t count the intro track. While not a bad song by any means, it does unfortunately come across as the weakest track on the album. The band turns it back up for Useless Soul, another track focused on melody above all else. Finally, with Sharpened Teeth the band determines to once again go out with a bang. On an album full of catchy, almost pop-like (in the good way) songs, Sharpened Teeth stands above the rest. It’s the perfect track to close the album with, as I’ve always said a closing track should be a strong part of the album, while also leaving the listener wanting more. And I guarantee you that once the song ends, you will be sitting there with your headphones on wishing that the album was longer.

Zombiecock‘s self-titled second album may not set the world of horrorpunk on fire, but goddamned if it isn’t a great ride from start to finish. I’ve been lucky enough to have had the album for a while, and since I received the tracks from Wolfbite, the album has found a regular home in my rotation. And you will likely find yourself in that same position.

You can grab yourself a copy of Zombiecock from the band’s recently launched BigCartel site on its own for $10, or the band is also offering an album bundle featuring the album, a t-shirt, patch and beer coozie for the very reasonable price of $35. And of course, be sure to give the band a Like on the Official Zombiecock Facebook page. Tell them Mister Gore sent ya!

Killer Track
Sharpened Teeth

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