Stereo Terror: Ratbatspider – Dawn Of The Chupacoctopus

Release Year

Track Listing
1) She Likes It Spooky
2) Chupacoctopus
3) Operation AVS
4) Suzi-Q Is A Zombie Punk
5) Hogsback Road
6) London Dungeon (Misfits Cover)

Ratbatspider is a band that has been around for a little while now to give the autocorrect function on everyone’s computer a seizure. Over the past few months I have been seeing the band’s name come up in conversation amongst horrorpunk fans, and I was recently given the opportunity to get my hands on their new album, Dawn Of The Chupacoctopus. Besides giving the world a mental image (and an actual image on the album cover, as seen above) of a chupacabra and an octopus, how does the band’s music stack up?

Beginning with a sample from the ultimate punk zombie movie, Return Of The Living Dead, She Likes It Spooky comes barreling out the gate. The band, consisting of vocalist Ryan Remains, bassist/vocalist Chris Rat, guitarist Jack Bat and drummer/vocalist Doug Spider, puts together a blistering fast and raucous intro track, which stands as worthy to the immortal movie quote the song references.

Chupacoctopus gives us a blistering fast punk number singing of what could only be described as a mad scientist creation mixing a chupacabra and octopus. Since this song is really the basis of the album’s title, the band seems to know that this is the track that people are likely to check out first, and they proceed to make one hell of a good impression with it. Everything just clicks with this track, with the vocals being a highlight. Operation AVS keeps the momentum going while also seeming a tad slower than the previous track. Again, the vocals are undoubtedly the highlight, but the rest of the band continues to remain cohesive giving an excellent foundation for the vocals.

Suzi-Q Is A Zombie Punk begins with a killer bass line that is the spine to the song, starting slow then speeding up as the vocals come in. This would arguably be the slowest song on the album, but given the overall momentum and speed of the album, that doesn’t say much. I cannot see any possible scenario where this song would not be popular in a live setting with some great chances at crowd singalongs. For me, both She Likes It Spooky and Suzi-Q Is A Zombie Punk seem to be made for one another, and are the strongest tracks on an album full of great horrorpunk.

Hogsback Road is a driving speedy number much like the rest of the album, and serves its purpose of bridging the band’s music leading into the final track, a cover of London Dungeon by The Misfits. Featuring a rather solid Danzig impression, London Dungeon closes the album out well, but in the event you aren’t in the mood for a cover to end the album, Hogsback Road is also a great closing track.

If I had to try and pick apart one thing from Dawn Of The Chupacoctopus as a negative, it would be that the album simply isn’t long enough. The band absolutely plows through the six tracks (five if you don’t count the cover) and while it is always great to leave the listener wanting more, there have been a few times listening to the album over the past month that I have felt like it’s over just as it is really getting started. Thankfully the band does have other music available to quench your Ratbatspider fix.

Head over to the Official Ratbatspider BandCamp page to get yourself a copy of Dawn Of The Chupacoctopus for the low price of $5, or you can grab the bundle featuring the band’s entire catalogue including some live tracks for about $10. And be sure to give a Like over on the Ratbatspider Facebook page to stay up to date with the band!

Killer Track
Suzi-Q Is A Zombie Punk

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