Stereo Terror: Dead End Lane – Bring Out Your Knives

Release Year

Track Listing
1) Duckface
2) Some Fun
3) Enemies
4) Cat Fight
5) Fallen Behind
6) Thanks, I’m Fine
7) Undone
8) Charlotte
9) Lorelei
10) Bulimia
11) From Hell (I Cut Her Throat)

I’ve always been a sucker for a good band fronted by female vocals. I would argue that currently there is a ton of great bands within the horrorpunk genre filling that requirement. While a few bands like The Hellfreaks and even Kitty In A Casket really started in the genre, they have moved away a bit from the horror side of things. But we still also have great bands like Black Cat Attack and For The Wolf absolutely crushing it with their music, and now we can add Baltimore-area band Dead End Lane to that list.

Having originally formed in 2010 by guitarist/writer The Salacious T with vocalist Erin Demise, the current lineup consists of the two original members, drummer Anthony and Josh on bass and backup vocals. The band’s style is very energetic and in some ways all over the place, with the band influenced by The Misfits, Balzac, The Distillers, Rancid and the Horrorpops just to name a few. This makes for an eclectic album as the band fuses all of their different influences into a brewing pot all their own.

Right from the humorous opening to Duckface, the album is a non-stop barrage of horrorpunk, hardcore and psychobilly. Each and every song on the album comes for the listener’s throat immediately, rarely giving the listener a chance to breathe. Many bands would usually try and throw a slower tune into the mix after a few songs, but as you make your way through the album tracks like Enemies, Fallen Behind and the wickedly great Cat Fight, you quickly grow to understand that Dead End Lane has no intention of slowing down for anything.

Another standout track as the album hits the mid-point is the fun Thanks, I’m Fine. With Undone the band actually does slow down the tempo and really hits on that 50s style music influence. The first half of the song is a strong example of that influence, before merging the sound with the more current day punk sound. Charlotte and Lorelei hit back to back with the harder and faster sound the band exhibited on the first half of the album, leading into the final part of the album.

Bulimia sets the stage for the final, and arguably most “horrorpunk” style song, the Jack The Ripper inspired From Hell (I Cut Her Throat). In a way, a listener could see the whole album as building to this grand finale. Not to slight any of the previous tracks by any means, but From Hell is that track that will likely get a lot of repeat listens for fans of the band coming in for the horror side of things. Everything on the track clicks, both the music itself and the vocals from Demise. Another of the best things about this band and album, is the different style of female vocals brought to the table by Erin. She is not afraid to tackle the more hardcore style, the aforementioned 50s doo-wop style, or the straight away punk. The woman has pipes, and is not afraid to use them.

If I was forced to voice any sort of complaint against Bring Out Your Knives, it would be the brevity of the album. While it does feature 11 tracks, many of the songs just barely clock in past the two-minute mark. After many listens while putting together this review, there were many times I was left wanting more. On the other hand however, this leaves me very excited and looking forward to whatever the band brings next.

Grab your own copy of Bring Out Your Knives at the Official Dead End Lane BandCamp page, which is available digitally with the “Name Your Price” option. And of course, be sure to give the band a Like over on the Dead End Lane Facebook page.

Killer Track
From Hell (I Cut Her Throat)

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