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Rest In Pieces


We’ve looked at Zombiecock on a few occasions here on The Deadhouse. I reviewed their debut album Zombies Love Punk Rock here back in January of this year. I then conducted an interview with the band’s front man Willie “Wolfbite” Hatton-Ward here in March. And just over this past summer I reviewed their brand new self-titled album, which you can find here. And of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the band contributed a track to The Deadhouse Presents Cuts From The Slab. So when I heard the band were working on a new video for the song “Rest In Pieces” I knew that I would have to feature it regardless of the quality. Thankfully the band came up with an awesome video that perfectly encapsulates the band and their music.

I was able to speak with Hatton-Ward regarding the premise of the video, to which he had the following to say.

So when I was about 20 years old I was dating this girl. I was really head over heels about her and she actually ended up cheating on me. I was so angry and bent out of shape about it, it obviously harbored within me because years later when I first started Zombiecock, I had a dream about me chopping her up with an axe. Totally out of left fuckin’ field and I thought “this would make a perfect song” and that’s how “Rest In Pieces” was born.

When Adam Judd and I collaborated on the video he thought the idea would be perfect if we just gave it a bit more of a supernatural feel. Thus, the fire demon cheating girlfriend and the Evil Dead-inspired face paint for the performance segment of the video.

You can check out the video for “Rest In Pieces” below then head over to the Official Zombiecock BigCartel to grab a copy of the band’s new self-titled album! And of course, be sure to give the band a Like on the Zombiecock Facebook page to stay up to date with the band.

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